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Poet Manoj Muntashir gets ‘cancelled’ by ‘secular-liberals’ for calling out Mughal barbarity and false glorification

Manoj Muntashir called the Mughals 'glorified dacoits', asked people to recognise India's own heritage and stop glorifying barbarians and plunderers as heroes.

Poet Manoj Muntashir is getting a lot of hate from liberals, Islamists and Leftist ‘historians’ for calling out Mughal barbarity in his recent videos. A lot of hate comments have been directed to his recent posts in which he promoted the video. ‘Historian’ Irfan Habib, so-called mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik, and RJ Fahad are among those who have cancelled the poet for speaking about the barbarity of Mughal invaders against native Indians.

In a clip of the video that was shared by the poet, he was seen asking how can we Indians accept the blatant distortion of our own heritage. He asked how can invaders, plunderers who killed thousands of Indians be celebrated as heroes. He criticised the Mughals as ‘glorified dacoits’, asked people to recognise India’s own heritage and stop glorifying barbarians and plunderers as heroes.

Leftist ‘historian’ Irfan Habib said “Sad to see a poet and writer spitting venom using dubious and imaginary arguments as history.”

Interestingly, Devdutt Pattanaik, the so-called mythologist, used Wikipedia to teach a history lesson to Manoj. He said, “Who taught this man history? What will he call the Maratha invasion of Bengal?” while sharing a link to a Wikipedia page.

One RJ Fahad regretted taking Manoj’s interview for Rekhta and said, “I regret that I took an interview of this hate monger and a bigot for Rekhta. Itna zeher kahan se laate hain ye log?”

Islamist Hussain Haidry said, “Not the first time he’s spreading hate or lies, and it will not be the last time. Mask has been off since well over a year. This is not an out of the blue video. Khair, sarkaar aur samaaj ne punish karne ke bajaay incentivise kiya hua hai anti-Muslim zahar ugalna. So ugal raha.” (Government is incentivising hatred against Muslims instead of punishing it, so he is spreading hatred.)

What’s in the recent video shared by Manoj?

In the recent video that he has shared on his Youtube channel, Manoj Muntashir talked about choosing heroes beyond religion, caste, and other barriers. He questioned the historians and educators for teaching the glorified history of the Mughals but missing out on the details of atrocities against Hindus. Manoj questioned why there is mention of Akbar removing Jaziya on Hindus, but there is no mention of the fact that he had imposed Jaziya again later during his tenure as the ruler.

Also, he questioned why no one objected when ‘Ga’ for Ganesha was replaced in the books as ‘Ga’ for Gadha (donkey). Manoj said that despite the fact that Ravan was a Brahmin, no Brahmin would worship him because he was evil. He added that we should choose our heroes based on their deeds, not based on their identities. He had spoken against the blatant Mughal glorification done by so-called historians and governments over the years.

He also objected to calling Akbar’s tenure the best in Indian history. He said, “How his tenure as the ruler be the best in the history when thousands of Hindus were killed for not converting to Islam. If his tenure was the best, what was Ram Rajya?” Manoj raised questions over the leaders who happily inaugurated roads in the name of Mughals ignoring the fact that they had brutally killed thousands of Hindus and destroyed temples.


On September 9, Manoj Muntashir informed that his video ‘Aap Kiske Vanshaj Hain’ was removed from YouTube after a bogus copyright claim was made on it. The poet informed that they have challenged the claim, and the video will be back soon. YouTube is known to aggressively take action on copyright claims, and many times videos are taken down on fake copyright claims.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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