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Mughal Rule of India

Reimposed ‘Jizya’ tax, forced Hindus to recite Quran verses: Revisiting Mughal tyrant Aurangzeb’s deep-seated hate for Hindus

The Hindus, who had somehow accustomed themselves to living with the Mughals during their early rule, were in for a rude shock when the dominion passed to Aurangzeb, a fanatic of Islam.

‘Aurangzeb – Whitewashing Tyrant, Distorting Narrative’: New book debunks distortions around the Mughal tyrant Aurangzeb

While books whitewashing Aurangzeb, the tyrant, including those authored by Truschke met divisive criticism, Saurabh Lohogaonkar took it upon himself to write a book which is answer to series of whitewashing of the tyrant ruler

30000 men slaughtered in 6 hours: When Nadir Shah of Iran wreaked havoc in Delhi, and Mughals had to give away Afghanistan

Nadir Shah's army decimated the Mughals force and carried out a fierce massacre in Delhi. Nadir Shah took away the Peacock Throne and the Kohinoor diamond.

Hotstar rejects grievance complaints against their series on Babur, claims they are not glorifying the Islamic invader: Read what they said

Hotstar claimed the web series 'The Empire' is based on an adaptation of a novel, Empire of the Moghul – Raiders from the North, written by one Alex Rutherford which fictionalised historical events.

Poet Manoj Muntashir gets ‘cancelled’ by ‘secular-liberals’ for calling out Mughal barbarity and false glorification

Poet Manoj Muntashir got cancelled by Leftist 'historians' and Islamists for calling Mughals as 'glorified dacoits'.

‘Mughals were the original nation builders’, says director Kabir Khan, says portraying them as murderers is wrong

“If you do some research and read history, it's very tough to understand why they have to be villainized," claimed Kabir while talking about Mughals.

Project to translate Fatawa Alamgiri raises more than half of targeted funds, this is why organisers think it is important

The Jaipur Dialogues has estimated that the translating the Fatawa Alamgiri to Hindi will take 2-3 years and cost around ₹50 lacs.

History books should teach India’s civilisational, linguistic heritage, not unfounded claims: Parliamentary Committee meets to discuss NCERT books

The panel heard suggestions from ex-NCERT director and other representatives on reforms in textbooks

“Mughals were born from Rajput mothers”: Nehru fangirl Sagarika Ghose has yet another fangirl moment, this time for Akbar

After she woke up to the news that the Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh has renamed the Mughal Museum in Agra after Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Ghose had a complete meltdown on Twitter.

The myth of Mughal greatness: Mughals were neither great rulers nor were they secularists competing with Nehru

Amd growing tendency to recreate the myth of Mughal majesty, it is important for people to know about the truth about the Mughals

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