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Islamic invaders

Read how a CPM govt had ordered deletion of all mentions of atrocities by Muslim rulers, as party MP complains about ‘deleting Mughals’ from...

The letter written by Viswam is directly in contrast with the previous stance of the CPM government in West Bengal, which had ordered that there should be no mention of Muslim atrocities in textbooks during their tenure.

350-year-old Shree Saptakoteshwar Temple in Goa: once destroyed by Bahamanis and Portuguese, now renovated with govt efforts

Shree Saptakoteshwar temple was destroyed twice by Bahmani and Portuguese invaders. It was reconstructed by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

From Cholas to Yadavs and Kaktiyas: ICHR organises an exhibition displaying 50 Indian dynasties. Here is why it has left out Muslim dynasties

ICHR has decided to not feature Islamic dynasties during an exhibition on ‘Glory of Medieval India: Manifestation of the Unexplored -Indian Dynasties, 8th-18th Centuries.'

‘Aurangzeb – Whitewashing Tyrant, Distorting Narrative’: New book debunks distortions around the Mughal tyrant Aurangzeb

While books whitewashing Aurangzeb, the tyrant, including those authored by Truschke met divisive criticism, Saurabh Lohogaonkar took it upon himself to write a book which is answer to series of whitewashing of the tyrant ruler

The history forgotten: The persecution of Parsis by Muslims in Persia and their migration to India

Parsis adhere to Zoroastrianism, also known as Mazdayasna in its original form, one of the world's oldest religions.

Medieval Odisha: A Hindu state that resisted Islamic onslaught for centuries

Herman Kulke while referring to Suryavamsi Emperor Gajapati Kapilendra Deva who ruled in the 15th century said, "Kapilendra deva became the greatest Hindu ruler of his day."

‘Maharanas: A Thousand Year War For Dharma’ by Omendra Ratnu chronicles the proud legacy of Rajputs who resisted Islamic invasions

Dr Omendra Ratnu in his book demolishes the lies peddled by leftist historians about the Islamic invasions of India

‘If we knew there was a Shivling, we would have destroyed and removed it’: President of Rashtriya Bunkar Action Committee gives controversial statement on...

Sarfaraz, who is the President of Rashtriya Bunkar Action Committee, said during a debate that if they [Muslims] knew there was a Shivling [at Gyanvapi], they would have demolished and removed it from the premises.

30000 men slaughtered in 6 hours: When Nadir Shah of Iran wreaked havoc in Delhi, and Mughals had to give away Afghanistan

Nadir Shah's army decimated the Mughals force and carried out a fierce massacre in Delhi. Nadir Shah took away the Peacock Throne and the Kohinoor diamond.

‘My God is Viraajman there, it is sacrilege’: Lawyer Vishnu Jain says the Muslim side drilled a hole in the Gyanvapi Shivling to claim...

Gyanvapi case advocate Vishnu Jain said the Shivling was willfully desecrated by the Muslim side.

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