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Presence of Taliban fans and apologists in India is a warning sign: Partition horrors can repeat unless we wake up

Apart from Jammu and Kashmir, where the Islamic Jihad has claimed the lives of hundreds and thousands of people, numerous raids are conducted every month to bust terror groups and their plots against India.

Taliban has managed to capture Afghanistan after the US Exit following two decades of warfare. With Taliban returning to power, it is Islamists in India who are having some trouble containing their joy. On Sunday itself, when Kabul fell to the Islamic terrorists, Islamists on a Twitter space heralded their return to power with unbridled glee and joy.

The participants on the Twitter Space included one accused in the Delhi Riots case and another who has been to jail for problematic posts on social media. The riots accused remarked in the space, “Let me give you guys a piece of good news – Ashraf Ghani has resigned. Thanks to Allah! Slowly and gradually, it will lead to the establishment of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (governed by the Taliban). We need to take inspiration from them and learn how to struggle in the pursuit of ‘freedom movement. (Azadi)’.”

The topic of the discussion was, “Are Muslims in India free?” The more dangerous part is the sentiment could be quite widespread in India and we have no way of knowing for sure the extent to which such opinions are endorsed by Islamists in India.

Nevertheless, Islamic radicalisation is a huge menace in our country. Apart from Jammu and Kashmir, where the Islamic Jihad has claimed the lives of hundreds and thousands of people, numerous raids are conducted every month to bust terror groups and their plots against India.

With Taliban in power in Afghanistan, such plots are only expected to increase in the future. It adds a humongous pressure on Indian intelligence agencies to thwart the devious plans of terrorists who wish to unleash hell on Indian soil.

Why India should be concerned

For centuries, it has been known that a traitor within is infinitely more dangerous than the enemy at the gates. And so is the case with India. As much of a threat that Taliban can pose in the border regions of the country, the danger posed by Taliban sympathisers in the country is vastly greater.

The capture of Afghanistan will be and is being viewed by Islamists in India as a victory for Islam. Thus, their faith in their extremist ideologies is likely to receive a further boost in the aftermath of the terrorist group’s capture of Kabul.

Nothing succeeds like success and it is a huge success for the global Jihadist movement. Taliban has provided them with a credible pathway to secure power and their victory will serve as an inspiration to Jihadists elsewhere.

We already have Islamists in India discussing what they could learn from the Taliban. It is only a matter of time before some radicalised youth decide to take the next step and implement what they have learnt from the Islamic terrorists.

The threat posed by Taliban apologists

The danger posed by Taliban apologists, and they are dime a dozen in India, is that any credible action taken to thwart terror plots in the country would be deemed to be an ‘attack on minorities’ and ‘human rights violations’ by them.

Source: Twitter

It is a certainty that such apologists for Islamic extremism will do everything in their power to prevent the Indian Government from taking action against those who pose a threat to the country. It is very much possible that prominent political parties would use the opportunity to play vote bank politics.

We have already seen that happen with the Congress party working over time to invent the myth of ‘Saffron Terrorism’ and some other elements blaming the RSS for the Mumbai Terror Attacks. If history is any indication, then the same events will repeat in the near future.

Partition Horrors could see a repeat

The current circumstances in Afghanistan is quite devastating. Afghans desperate to leave the country latched on the wheels of flights leaving the Kabul Airport and were then spotted falling from the sky after take-off.

Chaotic scenes are observed at the airport as people are desperate to escape the Taliban regime. During the days running up to the eventual fall of Kabul, Taliban fighters reportedly shot Afghan soldiers who had already surrendered.

Women’s rights are under threat as there are reports that Taliban has barred women from carrying on with their jobs in areas they have captured. Female students were prevented from entering Universities after the Islamic terrorists managed to capture the country.

All of this appears distant, events occurring in some far off land but Indians should not lose sight for a minute of the fact that it could very well happen in India as well. Only 74 years ago, the partition riots caused endless strife in the Indian subcontinent and history could repeat itself given Taliban’s return in Afghanistan.

It could happen again if India forsakes constant vigilance. We have Pakistan and China in the neighbourhood and now the Taliban. None of them are our friends and they will attempt to sow seeds of chaos in our country. The only solution, given our neighbourhood, is constant vigilance.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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