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‘Tea with protestors’: Several proofs emerge suggesting Punjab Police may have been part of protestors that blocked PM Modi’s convoy

One protestor said that Punjab Police didn't ask the protesters to clear the road for PM's convoy

It is now becoming evident that Punjab police was actively involved in blocking the convoy of PM Modi in Ferozepur. As a major update in the security breach of PM Modi that occurred on 5 January 2022 near Hussainiwala in Ferozepur district of Punjab, videos have gone viral, in which Punjab police are seen enjoying tea with protestors while the convoy was stuck not so far from them. It is also clearly seen that some of the so-called protesters were seen running along with the PM’s convoy. This whole incidence is a serious lapse in the security of the most protected office-bearer in the country. The more shocking fact is that the ones who were supposed to draw the safe routes for the convoy were busy in a tea party with the protesters who had blocked the road, most probably with ill intentions of harming the PM.

In an astonishingly dangerous development that happened in Punjab when the PM was heading his way to visit the National Martyr’s Memorial at Hussainiwala in Ferozepur district of Punjab, the roads of his convoy were blocked and the vehicles in the convoy were stuck on a flyover for not less than twenty minutes. Earlier it was planned that after landing at the Bathinda airport, PM Modi would go by helicopter. But due to bad weather, the aerial route was cancelled and the road route was taken by the PM’s convoy after a gap of thirty minutes, during which further security management was ensured by the Punjab police. It is notable that as per VVIP movement protocol, the road route was already planned by SPG and Punjab police well in advance, and Punjab Police was supposed to secure the route after they were informed that the PM is travelling by road.

The Punjab Tea Party

But what was seen at the actual site was far different. When the roads to the convoy were blocked, the police were seen to be busy in a tea party with the so-called farmer protesters. The Punjab police were supposed to ensure safe passage to the convoy in the journey by road route. Instead, they were having sips of hot tea distributed by the agitating farmers. The site of this tea party was not so far from the flyover where the convoy was stuck.

‘We already knew the way he would take.’

Another shocking revelation was made by a local witness who is also one of the so-called farmer protesters which clearly indicates that the agitators blocking the road already knew the route taken by the PM to reach the destination. This is a clear confirmation of the leaking of the sensitive information which was supposed to be limited to none other than the Punjab police and local administration. Moreover, while the Punjab police said that they tried but could not remove the blockade, the protester informed that police didn’t make any attempt in that regard, the protestors were not asked by the cops to clear the route.

On being asked if anyone tried either by talks or force to make the protesters leave the site clear the roads, the protester said, “Had the police even tried to do so, they were well aware what would happen to them. Because we farmers were already outnumbering the police. The number of police force was simply not sufficient to make the farmers move. Earlier, Modi’s fans were also trying to pass from here; but they too were not allowed to. Because we were knowing that if they pass ahead, they will certainly do something. We already knew that Narendra Modi will be passing from here only. We were knowing that he has some rally or program planned ahead in Ferozepur and farmers did not want him to reach there.”

Agitators destroyed buses and attacked BJP workers

Another eyewitness from the flyover where the convoy was stuck informed that it was not as smooth of a protest and roadblock as it appears, rather it is a matter of grave concern and most probably a planned attempt to endanger the PM. He said, “O. P. Soni is deputy chief minister of Punjab. He had passed from the same location, just half an hour before the PM’s convoy reached that place. The protesters and police – both offered him a safe passage. See, a deputy chief minister was given a safe passage because it was his party’s government in Punjab, it was his agitators on the road and it was his police taking care of the things. It was a government-sponsored program. So now we have enough facts and videos to prove that O. P. Soni’s convoy had also passed from the same place, it was given a safe passage while the PM’s convoy was not given a clear safe passage. When the PM’s convoy was turning back, the ambulance and police van also took a U-turn. During the course of this turning, the vehicles in the convoy were stuck for a while in such a way that the car in which the PM was travelling was rendered aside. Looking at this, the protesters passing by had a direct approach in the close vicinity of the PM’s vehicle. This indeed was a serious security issue. The officers of Punjab police present there could make an easy safe passage for the deputy CM just minutes before and now they could not make safe passage for the PM. Is this a lapse in the security or a preplanned effort of causing him any harm?”

Adding to this, he further said that he cannot trust that all this happened so suddenly. He said, “There are all sorts of evidence to prove the fact that the protesters – rather rioters – were present there since 11 AM. They were not at all peaceful protesters. They broke away 30-40 buses. They had beaten 15 party workers. They misbehaved with women. and CM Channi is awarding them the certificates of peace. Today, you can see everything on social media. The videos of the damaged buses are seen.”

The witness underlined that all the violent acts had taken place well before the PM arrived at that place. Punjab police ensuring that the PM passes by the riot-hit site soon after the mishap itself points towards the intentions with which PM Modi was made to stand stuck on a road for not less than twenty minutes like a common man. It is notable that the border is as close as 15 to 20 kilometres from that site.

In the video, it can be seen that protestors were running alongside the PM’s convoy on the adjacent lane, showing how grave the security situation was.

Plan to assassinate the Prime Minister?

Meanwhile the home ministry has asked for a clear explanation from the Punjab police along with fixing the responsibilities. Amidst all these evidence making it clear that how Punjab police imperilled the PM, BJP has said in a press conference that it was a deliberate attempt by the Congress government to cause harm and probably assassinate the Prime Minister. Fortunately, it did not go the way it was intended to.

Home minister Amit Shah called the incident a Congress-made happening, saying that repeated rejections by the people have taken them to the path of insanity. He said that the topmost echelons of the Congress owe an apology to the people of India for what they have done.

Amit Shah further added, “Such dereliction of security procedure in the Prime Minister’s visit is totally unacceptable and accountability will be fixed,” informing that a detailed report has been sought by the ministry.

Questionable role of the Punjab police

As more and more details and witness accounts are coming out, the role of Punjab police is being surrounded by more pointed questions as to why proper care was not taken by them to ensure the safe passage of PM Modi and why the police near the site were busy in a tea party with the protesters. Questions are also raised that who were involved in leaking the particular sensitive information about location and passing route which ensured the imperilment of the highest office bearer in the country.

CM Channi has claimed that he was not knowing where exactly the PM was, while more than many protesters seem to have had this information well in advance. This poses a serious question on the integrity of the Punjab police as there seem to be equally serious loopholes in that organization that imply a mutual pact with the protesters-cum-rioters.

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