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Weaponising science to undermine govt: UK-based ‘Royal Society of Chemistry’ targets PM Modi with propaganda article after his reelection

The Royal Society of Chemistry recently published an article targeting PM Modi that claimed Modi's return has scientists worried.

India refuses to endorse joint communique favouring Ukraine: How India has been advocating for dialogue and diplomacy rather than one-sided bullying

It is rather ironic that 80+ countries adopted a joint communique for lasting peace in Ukraine without inviting the other party in the conflict—Russia—to the Summit. It seemed like the only agenda of this communique was to build a consensus that peace in Ukraine must not be at the expense of territorial integrity.

Kerala congress apologises for hurting Christian sentiments by equating Modi to God and mocking the Pope

Finally, the Kerala Congress apologised “unreservedly” for causing emotional distress to Christians. “We apologize unreservedly if this post has caused any emotional or psychological distress to Christians,” the party said.

At his lowest, PM Modi has secured a bigger mandate in 2024 than the Congress did in the past 35 years: Details

On Wednesday, Modi resigned and submitted a letter to President Murmu, who accepted his resignation and encouraged him to stay in his position until the new government took office.

Christophe Jaffrelot, Soros, HLF, and a nexus of anti-India groups: DisInfo Lab report exposes unprecedented foreign interference in 2024 Indian elections

A new detailed report reveals extensive foreign interference to shape public opinion and effect regime change in the recently concluded general elections in India.

The US rubbishes media reports that describe India as anti-Muslim, says it engaged with India in protecting freedom of religion across the world

A recently published report in the New York Times alleged that Muslims have been othered in India, a stunning claim that does not jibe with the improving social indicators.

Nijjar killing: As Canada claims Indian involvement, read how one of the three accused harboured anti-Modi, pro-Khalistan sentiments

At least one of the three accused in Nijjar killing that Canada government claims was at the behest of the Indian agencies harboured anti-Modi, pro-Khalistan sentiments.

I.N.D.I. Alliance boasted about fighting Modi, but in reality its members are contesting against each other across India

As per a report by India Today, INDI Alliance members are fighting for over 100 Lok Sabha constituencies against each other.

‘Columnist’ Andy Mukherjee goes on a blocking spree after Indians point out gaping holes in his Bloomberg op-ed claiming South India is ‘rejecting’ Modi

Andy Mukherjee recently came up with a comical opinion column wherein he claimed India's south has been rejecting Modi.

Outreach by PM Narendra Modi to Russian President Putin helped prevent first nuclear attack since Hiroshima and Nagasaki: What a CNN report says

Russia was planning to attack Ukraine with a Nuclear bomb in late 2022 as the war raged, PM Modi's outreach helped avert crisis

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