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Islamists, left-liberals attack ‘The Daily Show’ host Trevor Noah for inviting Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev to discuss the “Save Soil Movement”: Here is what happened

As Noah tweeted that he would be speaking to Sadhguru on his latest initiative, the left-liberals and Islamists jumped on his timeline, attacking the comedian and asking him not to invite him for his show.

On Wednesday, South African comedian Trevor Noah posted a tweet saying he would host Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev to discuss the “Save Soil movement”, the latest campaign launched by the spiritual leader to prevent soil degradation and desertification.

In a tweet, Trevor Noah said, “TONIGHT: @SadhguruJV is here to discuss the Save Soil movement”. In the show, Sadhguru and Trevor Noah discussed the “Save Soil movement” and the need for combatting desertification, thus preserving the organic value of the soil.

Tweet by TheDailyShow

In the show, Sadhguru mentioned that in the last 50 to 100 years, due to industrialised farming, the organic content in the soil has depleted, as there is no replenishment.

“To replenish the soil, we either need leaves or vegetative matter, or animal waste. Both of these have disappeared from the farms because we thought we could do everything with the machines – they can plough, and they can do the work that animals and human beings used to do. However, organic content cannot come from the machine… If you take away organic content from the soil, it becomes sand. So, right now, desertification is one of the major problems,” Sadhguru noted in his interview.

The “Save Soil movement” was flagged off by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev at the Isha Yoga Center at Coimbatore. The spiritual leader has embarked on his solo 100-day long motorcycle ride journey to spread awareness about his movement. During this journey, Sadhguru will talk to leaders, citizens and stakeholders of 27 nations to urge them to draft urgent and doable policies to save the soil.

The spiritual leader also highlighted that as a consequence of this desertification, in 50 years, there will be no soil to cultivate. He also added that a more terrifying future prediction is that by 2035 or 2040, we will grow 40 per cent less food as compared to what we are growing now, and our population will be over 9 billion.

“That’s not a world where you would want to live or leave your children behind,” he said.

Noah’s show with Sadhguru received appreciation worldwide, with people praising the spiritual leader for launching a timely initiative to preserve soil.

However, some within India had a problem with Sadhguru’s interview with Trevor Noah. As Noah tweeted that he would be speaking to Sadhguru on his latest initiative, the left-liberals and Islamists jumped on his timeline, attacking the comedian and asking him not to invite him for his show.

Alishan Jafri, an Islamic troll, attacked the show host Noah asking him to hire a good researcher. Peddling false propaganda against Sadhguru, Jafri claimed that the spiritual leader is a big enabler of Islamophobia in India.

Sharing propaganda articles from dubious sources, Jafri misinformed the public that Sadhguru rationalised the anti-Muslim policies of this regime like the Citizenship Amendment Act. Jafri ended up not only lying about Sadhguru, but also about CAA, which is not anti-Muslim, but pro-minority from Islamic nations who are being persecuted.

Tweet by trolls

Kunal Kamra, a far-left troll who is now accused in contempt of court cases, hurled abuses at Sadhguru by claiming that the spiritual leader was an excuse of a human being. Kamra lamented that he was a fan of Noah’s work, but he was curious about decisions that led to having “this billboard” on the show.

Tweet by trolls

Another user said she would cry as a regular watcher of Noah’s show due to the decision to host Sadhguru, who, according to her, did not fully embody the morality and spirituality he espoused. The far-left ‘journalist’ also shared a list of dubious hit job articles written by shady websites to target the world-renowned spiritual leader.

Tweet by trolls

Another troll attacked and abused Trevor Noah, saying that he wondered how western liberal folk like Noah fall for “oriental bullshittery”. Making wild allegations against Sadhguru, he claimed that the spiritual leader was a fraud, who had illegally occupied protected forest land, supported a fascist regime and promoted all kinds of pseudoscience.

“Do better, man! Seriously,” the troll advised Trevor Noah.

Tweet by trolls

Well, the left-liberals and Islamists’ hatred towards Sadhguru is understandable as the spiritual leader has been vocal about cultural nationalism and often supported the Narendra Modi-led government and its policies several times in the past.

However, the latest heartburn for the liberals is that one of their own – Trevor Noah provided a platform to Sadhguru, who is demonised and hated across the left-liberal and Islamist circles for his views. The left-liberals are shell shocked how can a left-liberal Trevor Noah can host a Hindu Sadhguru and promote his new initiative, “Save soil movement”.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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