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‘Muslim Areas’: NDTV ‘journalists’ try to create ‘no-go areas’ for Hindus within India

According to NDTV journalists, Muslims apparently saw Ram Navami processions, got provoked, immediately assembled thousands of stones out of nowhere through magic, and started pelting stones at the processions.

This Ram Navami saw a wave of violence all across India, as processions celebrating the festival were stoned in state after state. Whether it was BJP ruled Gujarat and Karnataka, or opposition ruled West Bengal or Chhatisgarh or Odisha, devotees of Lord Ram were subjected to stone-pelting and petrol bombs to stop them from celebrating their festival.

While the normal reaction of any human is to condemn the violence, that was not the case here. Indian “liberals” went out of the way to justify this violence by claiming that Muslims were provoked into stone-pelting by these Sri Ram processions because they dared to pass through ‘Muslim areas’.

Leading the charge was an alleged news channel NDTV, with their anchors repeatedly saying that Hindus provoked Muslims into stone-pelting by passing through ‘Muslim areas’.

Apparently, Muslims saw Ram Navami processions, got provoked, immediately assembled thousands of stones out of nowhere through magic, and started pelting stones at the processions. Radical Islamist outfit PFI had even warned the local authorities that Hindus taking out a procession in ‘Muslim dominated areas’ may lead to violence, but let’s blame the Hindu entry in “Muslim Areas” to avoid addressing the elephant in the room.

Chhota mota blast fame Jain also went on to blame the music played during the processions to justify the violent stone-pelting.

He was not the only NDTV anchor who came out in full force to justify the violence against Ram Navami processions, Gargi Rawat, also chipped in by saying that the violence happened because Ram Navami processions were taken out through Muslim areas.

Of course, when it comes to justifying violence against Hindus, how can Congress be far behind NDTV, youth Congress leaders came out in support of the violence by blaming “provocative songs” in these Muslim areas.

This is not the first time that Indian journalists have tried to make “Muslim areas” exclusive zones where Hindus must not enter. Sample this tweet from another journalist from 2017, where Amit Shah and Yogi Adityanath entering ‘Muslim lanes’ was apparently problematic.

Compare this to the public Namaz controversy in Gurugram, when people asked Muslims to avoid blocking public spaces for Namaz. At that time, none of these wise people asked Muslims to pray in their mosques, or even in these so-called Muslim areas. They defended the right to block public spaces every Friday but once in a year, the Ram Navami procession is fair game for violence if it crosses Muslim areas.

As per these people, Hindus should keep their celebrations away from these so-called Muslim areas, and should also avoid playing any song that may offend them. After that, all sorts of violence is justified against Hindus. Even though they will never ask how come there is a whole arsenal of stones and petrol bombs on the roofs of their houses even before they know what songs will be played during the procession.

If a Hindu even decides not to rent out their own personal property to a Muslim, for whatever reason, it is a national crisis. However, Muslims have exclusivity over the entire area where they reside the majority, and Hindus should avoid entering that area if they want to avoid being hit by stones.

This demarcation of Hindu-Muslim areas is exactly what led to the partition in 1947. News reports from 100 years ago talk about the same stone-pelting on Hindu processions for passing through these allegedly Muslim areas, and now Indian liberals want to see that again. Baba Saheb Ambedkar talked about this same violence against Hindu religious processions in the 1920s.

Separating geographical areas as Hindu areas or Muslim areas is just a step short of another partition, and that is what these people want to see. As if the bloodshed at the time of the 1947 partition wasn’t enough that they are trying to provoke another similar incident.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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