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Days after Islamists attack Ram Navami celebrations, whitewashers plan to trend ‘Genocide of Muslims’ to vilify India

This exaggeration of foreboding an imminent genocide of Muslims in India is often played up by the Left ecosystem, in their bid to cover up the murderous tendencies of the Islamists that was witnessed during the attacks on Ram Navami celebrations.

Hindu processions have long suffered the wrath of the Islamist attackers. Be it the Durga Mata emersion processions or rallies organised to celebrate the Hindu new year, Islamists have not flinched from unleashing their murderous tendencies and imposing their supremacist beliefs on adherents of other faiths, most notably Hindus. 

It was therefore no surprise when a Hindu procession, launched after over 7 years in Rajasthan’s Karauli, witnessed violence and stone-pelting as Islamists in the village revolted against an innocuous celebrations to mark the Hindu new year. Similarly, even the Ram Navami celebrations, that took place on April 10, was marred with instances of vandalism, rioting and stone-pelting as Islamists took to violence to oppose the audacity of Hindus to organise the rallies through what the apologists of Islamists have called ‘Muslim areas’. 

The mere existence of another faith and something as fundamental as exercising the right to celebrate one’s festivals are regarded as “provocation”, enough to warrant a violent backlash from the Islamists. As a consequence, Ram Navami celebrations came under attack in at least 5 different Indian States, namely, Gujarat, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka. 

Frenzied mob, intoxicated over the notion of Islamic supremacy and harbouring deep animosity towards followers of other faiths, ran amok, attacking and maiming those who participated in Hindu processions with complete abandon. They were armed with sticks and rods, and determined to stop the rallies from advancing through their ‘Muslim areas’. 

Apologists of Islamists plan to trend ’Genocide of Muslims in India’ to paper over their murderous anti-Hindu antics

However, days after the appalling attacks on Ram Navami celebrations, the apologists and sympathisers of Islamist goons have decided to come up with a malicious campaign, aimed at whitewashing the criminal activities of the culprits and pushing the blame on the victims instead. As Islamists across the country proceeded to target Hindu processions on Ram Navami, their supporters among the liberal intelligentsia and the global ecosystem swung into action, portraying the violence and chaos witnessed during Ram Navami celebrations as ‘Genocide of Muslims’.

As a part of their efforts to play victimhood narrative and demonise the majority community of India, the global ecosystem has decided to launch a Twitter campaign, asking its foot soldiers to storm the microblogging website with hashtag #IndianMuslimGenocideAlert—a radical attempt to stoke paranoia and resentment among the Muslim community while deliberately distorting the truth and vilifying the Hindus. 

Source: Twitter

The proponents of this hyperbole of ’Indian Muslims under attack’ have sought to mobilise support on Twitter and other social media platform, in order to peddle their unfounded belief of Muslims being in danger in India. The aim of the campaign is, of course, to inflame resentment among Indian Muslims and draw unwarranted international attention towards India, besides the ulterior objective of covering up for the violent proclivities and antecedents of the Islamists in India.

This exaggeration of foreboding an imminent genocide of Muslims in India is often played up by the global ecosystem so as to seek international support for their perverse propaganda of delegitimising the Modi government and reinforcing their narrative that Muslims continue to live under a mortal threat in India. 

Unfortunately, this has become a pattern where the global ecosystem, ranging from the likes of Rana Ayyub, who continuesto paint a picture of gloom and doom for Muslims in India, with her opinion columns and constant caterwauling on social media websites that Muslims are facing a certain genocide in India, to foreign propagandists such as CJ Werleman, who has made it his hobbyhorse to peddle misinformation and fake news to reinforce his propaganda that Muslims in India are teetering on the brink of ethnic cleansing.

The ‘McCarthyism’ of Islamists in projecting their crimes and follies onto others

Even as the propagandists and global ecosystem have been fear-mongering about a certain Muslim genocide underway in India and screaming that Muslims face an existential threat in India, in reality, it is the Islamists who are insidiously ratcheting up their game on ground in India as witnessed in the number of violent protest that country has witnessed of late. While their ideological brethren demonise Hindus and the Modi government of effecting a Muslim genocide, the Islamists are busy laying the groundwork for establishing a Sharia-compliant society, where people belonging to other faiths are punished for overtly celebrating or manifesting their festivals and religious beliefs. 

This is quintessential ‘McCarthyism’ that the liberals and Islamists are masters at, where they project their own guilts and shortcomings onto their opponents to hide their own vices. In order to cover up their intolerance, violent tendencies and antipathy for Hindu processions, they have rallied behind the cries of ‘Genocide of Muslims in India’ so that the global attention is diverted away from their egregious antics and Hindus could be blamed for their concocted fiction of Muslim genocide in India. 

How paranoid claims of of Muslims under attack had fuelled India’s partition

As such, the cries of “Genocide of Muslims in India” is not a recent phenomenon. They have a history that dates back to before the partition of India, when proponents of the two-nation theory stoked such unfounded fears to polarise the country and justify their demands of carving out a separate Muslim-majority country out of undivided India. Back then, the Islamists argued that Muslims were not safe in a Hindu-majority India, citing various riots that broke out in the country, which were, in reality, a result of provocative statements made by their own leaders belonging to the Muslim League. 

The secessionist ideology of Islamists was also on display during the Khilafat movement in 1919, when the Muslims of the time took to streets to protest against the sanctions against the Caliph and the Ottoman Empire. At that time, as is now, it was evident that the Muslim allegiance lay towards the Ummah, which says that all Muslims across the globe form one nation. It is their allegiance to the Ummah that led them to fight for the Turkish Caliph. 

At that time, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi had, serendipitously for the Muslims, supported the Khilafat movement in the hope that the Muslims would join hands with the Hindus eventually and fight against the British, leading to everlasting brotherhood and peace between the Muslims and Hindus. What transpired was vastly different from what Gandhi had imagined. The Malabar genocide of Hindus followed, where Hindus were brutally massacred by the Moplah Muslims.

However, far from acknowledging the massacre of Hindus that Khilafat movement brought in its wake, the Muslim League leaders blamed Hindus for not wholeheartedly supporting the movement which had eventually fizzled out in the face of British obstinacy. The Muslim League leaders while batting for dismemberment of India had then sowed distrust and misgivings among Muslims about their future in India, which eventually led them to join the cause of Pakistan and bring about the vivisection of India.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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