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Khilafat Movement

5 lessons from History: As we remember horrors of partition, here is what Hindus need to learn to ensure that Bharat is never torn...

On the 15th of June 1947, Congress along with Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi accepted the Mountbatten Plan to tear India into two - Islamic Pakistan and Secular India

Mamata Banerjee asked Muslims to unite in 2024 at a ‘Calcutta Khilafat Committee’ event: Origins of the committee and the dangerous trope being peddled

As per reports, the office of the Calcutta Khilafat Committee was established, opposite the Nakhoda mosque in Kolkata, in 1920.

‘Congress was Hindu party, Vande Mataram provoked hatred against Muslims’: Pakistani school textbooks teaching falsehood to students to justify partition

In addition, the book depicts Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi as a Hindu leader who neglected Muslims. The book claims that Gandhi and his supporters were pro-Hindu.

How Sadanand Dhume passed off a Turkish ethno-supremacist as just another international figure

Ozil is not your average “international figure” as Dhume and some others would like us to believe. This is a man infamous for being a supporter of Erdogan. The same Erdogan who is on warpath against India over Kashmir.

Days after Islamists attack Ram Navami celebrations, whitewashers plan to trend ‘Genocide of Muslims’ to vilify India

The apologists of Islamists have planned to trend ‘Genocide of Muslims in India’ to blame Hindus for the violence that erupted during Ram Navami celebrations

Khilafat 2.0 posters in 2019 to 2022 attacks on Ram Navami processions: Patterns of violence and why we need to talk about it

In 2022, similar threads of violence that we saw in 2019 seem to be emerging yet again, then, it led to the Delhi anti-Hindu riots

Left historians whitewashed 1921 Malabar genocide of Hindus as a peasant uprising: What Yogi Adityanath said about Jihadis shaming mankind

Yogi Adityanath spoke on the 1921 Malabar genocide of Hindus by Moplah Muslims on a program hosted to remember the massacre

What MK Gandhi said while Moplah Muslims massacred thousands of Hindus in 1921: Support to Khilafat and asking Hindus to die without a fight

The Malabar massacre of 1921 was not the only time Moplah Muslims had unleashed genocide against Hindus. But Gandhi was either malicious or naive

On 97th anniversary of Kohat riots, read how the facade of ‘Hindu-Muslim unity’ of Khilafat movement had collapsed leading to exodus of Hindus

The entire Hindu community from Kohat in present day Pakistan had fled the place after deadly attacks by Muslims in the area

Is BR Ambedkar a ‘communal bigot’ for Shashi Tharoor? Says ICHR should be ashamed for seeking to remove Moplah genocidal maniacs from martyrs list

In a bid to whitewash the communal angle in the infamous Moplah massacre of 1921, Shashi Tharoor sought to target the ICHR.

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