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After instigating Islamist violence against Hindus in Leicester, Mohammed Hijab plays victim, blames Hindus instead

All the claims of involvement of so-called Hindutva extremists in Leicester violence have been debunked already, but the Islamists continue to peddle the baseless allegation

Islamist scholar Mohammed Hijab, who was seen inciting Muslims against Hindus in Leicester in UK, now have come forward to blame Hindus and Hindutva for the violence where Hindus were attacked by Islamists and Hindu temples were vandalised. After role of Md Hijab in the violence was questioned, he released a press release today, where he attributed the Leicester violence to the alleged rise in radicalised right-wing extremism among Hindus in the UK.

He said that “there is growing evidence that sections of the British public have been radicalised by the extremist movement known as Hindutva. Hindutva is a form of fascist, right-wing extremism that advocates for the hegemony of Hindus and Hinduism.”

He further added, “This leads to the othering and dehumanising of non-Hindus, which inevitably results in violence. This is exactly what has been happening in India today and this extremist ideology has arrived in our country.”

Blaming Hindus for the violence where Hindus were attacked by Islamists after Indians celebrated the victory of India against Pakistan in a cricket match during Asia Cup 2022, Hijab wrote, “some sections of the Hindu community in the UK, in particular Leicester, have adopted this extremist ideology and it has been responsible for community conflict and aggression against non-Hindus, in particular vulnerable Muslim women.”

All the claims of involvement of Hindutva extremists have been debunked already, but still, the Islamists continue to peddle the allegation. Charlotte Littlewood, Former Counter Extremism Coordinator for UK govt, earlier today said that she was duped by people who claimed RSS hand behind the violence.

“Todays search for RSS terrorists in Leicester sent me on a mad goose chase in which I conclude they are not terrorists. And they are not in Leicester. Bravo Islamists that sent us all on a witch hunt whilst they stand behind us in balaclavas with knives,” she tweeted.

Charlotte Littlewood said on Times Now that there is not a shred of evidence that there was a Hindu nationalist extremist march in Leicester, in response to which Islamists had come out to defend themselves, as being claimed by the Islamists. She said that there is evidence that there was an Islamist-inspired march against Hindus in Leicester, in response to which the Hindus had come out in a peaceful march in collaboration with police.

She confirmed that the houses and vehicles of Hindus were attacked and that she has evidence like photographs and videos of the same. Charlotte Littlewood also said that some Hindus have left Leicester and have not come back after Islamists had claimed on social media that they are RSS members. She also said that when police interrogated some suspected RSS extremist members, they said don’t even know what RSS is.

She informed that houses and vehicles of Hindus were identified with the presence of Hindu religious symbols like photos of Ganesh. Charlotte Littlewood further said that there is no evidence of presence of any extremist group of RSS in the UK.

She also cited screenshots of messages circulated in Islamist groups where they were seen planning and organising attacks on Hindus and saying that they will drive out Hindus from Leicester the way Hindus were expelled from Kashmir.

Littlewood further informed that UK Police have debunked various claims made by Islamists against Hindus, like the claim that a mosque was attacked and a Muslim girl was abducted by Hindus, and the police have appealed to people to stop spreading misinformation.

Today Charlotte Littlewood posted an update on the situation in Leicester, where she said that Hindus in the city have self-imposed a curfew on themselves in fear of attack by Islamists. She wrote, “As the rest of the UK media continues to hunt for Britain’s Hindu terrorists the Hindu community of Leicester have closed their businesses, closed their temple and will have a self-imposed curfew. They feel it is not ok to be Hindu here.”

In support of the claim that the violence was the work of RSS, Islamists had used visuals of the buses of an Indian near a Hindu temple and people holding BJP flag in front of a bus. It was claimed that a Hindu temple in London was sending busloads of RSS supporters to Leicester to attack Muslims.

This claim also has been thoroughly debunked. Yatin Bhimani, the owner of the Coach company Angel Tours, has clarified that his buses always stop near the Hindu temple on Ealing Road in London as it is a well-known place and has a place for a bus. He also said that on September 17th, his bus stopped there for a longer duration as the bus was facing some trouble. His claims were supported by The Guardian journalist Aina Khan, who posted the GPS log of the bus which showed that the bus didn’t go to Leicester on that day.

On the question of people holding a BJP flag near his bus, Bhimani said that a group of people had hired his coach to go to Glasgow to see Narendra Modi addressing the UN Climate Change Conference last year, and during the trip the photo was taken which was uploaded on Bhimani’s Facebook account. The coach company owner said that his buses have not gone to Leicester in the last 2 months, and denied any link with RSS or BJP.

Despite all this evidence showing that there was no extremist RSS hand behind the Leicester violence, Islamists like Mohammed Hijab are still trying to blame ‘extremist Hindutva’ for the violence, to protect the Islamists who are the real culprit behind the situation. Indian leftist portals are also giving such Islamists a platform to spread their anti-Hindu propaganda.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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