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Meet Gunther Fehlinger, who is taken seriously by Khalistanis & supports Rahul Gandhi for PM: A one-man ‘organisation’ trying to break countries and expand NATO

Gunther Fehlinger runs a lobby group named the European Committee for NATO Enlargement, which consists only of him, and regularly calls for expansion of NATO, EU, OECD and other groups, and Balkanisation of countries like Russia, India, Brazil etc

On Thursday (5th October), Austrian politician Gunther Fehlinger, who runs a lobby group named European Committee for NATO Enlargement, participated in an X space hosted by pro-Khalistani X handle Sikh Narrative. In this discussion, he guided Khalistani terrorists on how to carve a separate nation out of India. It is notable that Gunther Fehlinger wants Rahul Gandhi to become the Prime Minister of India. He has praised Rahul Gandhi on multiple occasions while running his anti-India anti-Modi propaganda.

As the name of his group suggests, Gunther Fehlinger wants to expand NATO by including several other European countries, including Austria, Kosovo, Ukraine, Armenia, Moldovo etc. He is not an official of NATO, as many people assumed, and has no link with the military alliance.

Informing about his participation in the X space discussion titled ‘Sikhs For Justice, Khalistan, and NATO with Gunther Fehlinger’, the NATO advocate on the eastern European countries wrote in his X handle post, “I discussed for 2 hours today with Sikh Narrative how to achieve independence of Khalistan and free the people of India from the yoke of pro-Russia autocrat Narendra Modi by Ex-India. I learnt a lot myself about the horrors & genocidal nature of today’s BRICS and India.”

Gunther Fehlinger said, “All the opposition leaders of the separatist movements in India need to work together. And then you sign declarations like what we have done now with the Russian opposition where they all agree on mutual cooperation after independence, on regional integration after independence, where they say for peaceful cooperation, a process where their borders are also very clear with other regions of India or that of Ex-India. So that is very important. Otherwise, everybody will say, ‘Encouraging the independence of Khalistan leads to a big civil war or big bloody process’. Nobody in the West wants to have a big civil war or a big independence war in India.”

Gunther Fehlinger guided Khalistani terrorists to devise a strategy of harnessing global support to separate from India. He said, “So, ultimately if you want to have support in public global opinion, then you need to have a process like this where all the other independence movements and the separatists in India say ‘Okay, we discard the Indian Union but we are absolutely ready to work together peacefully in good neighbourly relations’. Similar to this in the ex-Soviet Union, we are supporting Ukraine. Similar to the ex-Yugoslavia. We have also the Regional Cooperation Council.”

Detailing how Eastern Europe went on to become a part of NATO, he said, “We have all these mechanisms built up to help countries that are emerging out of a failed union. We have a regional cooperation infrastructure on energy because when you really go for independence there will be so many transactional costs. I always say, let’s avoid the war which is normally the price for independence.”

Explaining the modes of foolproof Balkanisation of India, Gunther Fehlinger told Khalistani terrorists, “You can also be sure it is very expensive to have independence. So you need to have a cooperation platform process prepared. There, you work still together on border facilitation, cross-border policing, infrastructure interconnectivity, energy infrastructure connectivity, and doing these things that neighbouring countries need to do. You need to show that you understand all these things and that you are not just emotional to get independence out of India but you are like a very mature movement and that you understand exactly what it means, that you understand it is risky and dangerous and expensive; but you prepared well. So, in this way, it will be more acceptable to the international global public to support Khalistan.”

A Khalistani terrorist Jatinder S Grewal who identifies himself as the International Policy Director of the Khalistani terrorist outfit Sikhs For Justice was also participating in this discussion. He asked Gunther Fehlinger, “Do the Sikh people of Punjab qualify for independence based on them being defined as a people under the UN or UNESCO definitions or guidelines for people? What are the prospects of having internal or external soft determination? India did have a state in their territory which they gave some autonomy to which was Kashmir. But recently they suppressed all that autonomy and completely eliminated any form of internal soft determination possible within the Indian Union. Based on that what would you say to those who may question that while India is democratic why do you want independence?”

In his answer to this question, Gunther Fehlinger said, “Look, I resort to giving a historic example and everybody should refer to that historic example. The most historically important example everybody from Khalistan must know is that of Kosovo. Kosovo in the year 1991 made an independence referendum where 99 per cent of the people were in favour. But the international community did not recognise it. And it led to a very tragic situation because we recognised Macedonia but we didn’t recognise Kosovo.”

Explaining the case of Kosova further, he said, “And then of course there was one decade of internal suppression of Kosovo under a very very brutal regime. And then it led from 1997 to 1999 to the independence war which Yugoslavia was close to winning. We as NATO had to intervene in the Yugoslavian war in 1999 and ultimately Kosovo gained independence.”

Gunther Fehlinger added, “That is one role model you have to look at. But it is also a difficult one. Because in the case of Khalistan, NATO will not come to help you. So you have to be also careful on that one. Because you don’t have to lose this one. Because there will be no military intervention to help Khalistan if you are completely suppressed by the Indian forces.”

Advising Khalistani terrorists to identify their potential candidate to become the president of Khalistan, Gunther Fehlinger said, “What you need to learn of course is to learn from the peaceful recognition campaign of President Rugova who was the historic president of Kosovo. And he has really gone through the birth and he has spread the gospel of Kosovo freedom. That is very important. You need one leader in the Sikh movement for the future President whom you vote for after the independence referendum and this person must go all over the world and explain the case of Khalistan independence and recognition. And over time, I think it will be successful. But of course, it will be strategic and you need to agree on one person to be your leader and your future president.”

He further said, “That is all not so easy. But exactly this is why it worked in Kosovo and in many other countries as well. Because the decision of Khalistan will not be taken in Khalistan yourselves but will be ultimately taken in the global court of public arena and you need to win this. This is the most important recommendation I have.”

Another Khalistani terrorist Amarinder Singh asked Gunther Fehlinger, “Should NATO expand to South Asia? and with Khalistan expanding from the Himalayas to Central Asia and South Asia, what are your thoughts on this?”

On this question, Gunther Fehlinger answered, “Look, NATO is basically about keeping the Americans and the Europe engaged against Russia for European security. This is our most important task as NATO. I am against the global expansion of NATO, especially in very fragile areas. We have experienced it in Afghanistan. It was not very successful. I think that is not the future.”

Adding about the possible ways for NATO to join hands with Khalistan, he said, “But we of course have a global partnership program where Japan is a part and Australia is a part. That kind of global partnership program is absolutely possible. It would not include a complete military alliance but it is kind of a status. More important is that we target the membership of the economic union which we have the OECD. And this is absolutely possible for Khalistan in future.”

Khalistani terrorist Amarinder Singh further asked, “What would NATO gain for making Khalistan a member and how does the landscape of Khalistan change by allying with NATO?”

Answering this question, Gunther Fehlinger said, “I think membership is a difficult thing. Because first, you need to go to independence. Then you need to transform into a free Western society. So, I think that will be very complicated. But a global partnership program is absolutely possible. It would be very good because it would also assist in the transformation of Khalistan into a modern successful market economy and democracy. To answer concretely, NATO membership – No. But part of the free world and other institutions – absolutely yes.”

Khalistani terrorist Amarinder Singh then invited the NATO advocate for a referendum in Canada. He said, “A democratic exercise of Khalistan referendum is being conducted under the supervision of the Punjab Referendum Commission. It is happening in the Western countries. It is just not totally unfair to the Sikh nation but unfair to the world and the international community to reject the Khalistan referendum. I think we are all witnessing the history. You also supported the upcoming referendum on 29th October in Canada. We will most welcome you if you come there and supervise the activity.” It is notable that the X handle of the Sikh Narrative is withheld after this space.

Who is Gunther Fehlinger?

While during the discussion Gunther Fehlinger gave the impression that he is a NATO official and the Khalistani participants also seemed to believe the same, the fact is that he is not associated with NATO. He is not a high-ranking official of NATO, as people seemed to believe.

Gunther Fehlinger is an Austrian politician lobbying hard for the enlargement of the European Union and NATO. He runs a lobby group named the European Committee for NATO Enlargement, and currently calling for the inclusion of Kosovo, Ukraine, Armenia, Austria and Moldova in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Due to the inclusion of the word NATO in his organisation’s name, many people frequently mistake him for a high-ranking official of the military alliance. But the fact is, he has no links with NATO and he is merely a lobbyist calling for an expansion of NATO. He also calls for other international organisations to include more members, like the EU and OECD.

It also seems that the European Committee for NATO Enlargement is just a one-person group, consisting only of Gunther Fehlinger. The so-called ‘European Committee’ does not have a website, and does not even have social media accounts in its name. Last month he wrote in a tweet, “I confess that the European Committee for Nato Enlargement is just me!”

Therefore, Gunther Fehlinger is just a lone ‘activist’, more of a social media activist, and he has just made up the name ‘European Committee for NATO Enlargement’ to mention in his social media accounts. There is no evidence that such a group actually exists.

Users on Quora have given a unanimous verdict on him, that he is a ‘single nutjob’. When a user asked how he could be fired for asking to break up Brazil, other Quora users noted that he did not appear to have a job from which he could be fired.

Gunther Fehlinger frequently makes highly controversial comments on other countries, and people on social media often target NATO over his comments assuming him to be a NATO official due to the title of his ‘group’.

Yesterday (5th October) he called for the Balkanisation of India, by posting a map of India on X showing it divided into several smaller nations. The map is similar to what Islamist and Khalistani terrorist groups often publish. This seems to be his modus operandi, to make controversial comments on countries that he has probably never been to, in an effort to make his name more recognisable.

In the guise of batting for peace, prosperity, and security, he actively endorses the Balakanisation of various global powers, including the BRICS countries. He often shares the maps of the BRICS countries showing the split into various smaller countries and mentions them with the prefix ‘ex’ underlining that these countries no longer exist.

He has posted maps calling for breaking up several countries, not just India. On 26 August, he called for ‘dismantling’ Russia.

On the same day, he also talked about breaking up Brazil into 5 different states. He added that these ‘better free’ five new states will be able to join NATO and OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). Angry Brazilians responded to him with threats to dismantle Austria ‘again’, referring to the destruction of the Austro-Hungarian Empire after World War I.

He also supports the demand for an independent Cape in South Africa, another BRICS country.

His bizarre demands and claims are occasionally published by the media, often to clarify that he is not a NATO official, and Gunther Fehlinger thinks it is an achievement because he appeared in the media. Last month, he said that NATO should bomb the Serbian capital Belgrade, triggering angry reactions against NATO on social media. He has been asking NATO to include Kosovo and Bosnia, and attack Serbia, including imposing sanctions and isolating the country.

When he called for Armenia to join NATO, it caused people to believe it was an offer by NATO. This prompted Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia, Vahan Kostanyan, to clarify that Fehlinger is not a representative of NATO and Armenia has not received an invitation to join NATO. The minister had to clarify to the people that Gunther Fehlinger is only the head of an organization, the name of which simply includes the word NATO.

Outside misled social media users, there is no evidence of him being taken seriously by anyone, and certainly not NATO and EU and other organisations he wants to expand.

In fact, last month NATO Press Officer Daniele Riggio confirmed to the media that Fehlinger has no official connection with NATO. The Press Officer in the Press and Media Section of the Public Diplomacy Division at NATO Headquarters in Brussels stated that Gunther Fehlinger’s comments are his own and do not reflect the point of view of the military alliance.

In the last many days, he is seen advocating the indefensible cause of independent Khalistan and has repeatedly aligned with Khalistani terrorists and separatists. Every now and then he keeps participating in such discussions on various X posts or spaces. Several Khalistani supporters on social media are amplifying his posts believing that he is a real NATO official.

Gunther Fehlinger wants Rahul Gandhi to become the Prime Minister of India

On 25th August 2023, Gunther Fehlinger posted from his X handle, “I call for support for Indian opposition. President of the United States, and President of the European Union, We must support Rahul Gandhi as the next prime minister of India in 2024. We have tried with Narendra Modi but he is pro-Russia pro-China pro-BRICS and a disaster for India and the Free World. He must go.”

From the two facts that Gunther Fehlinger supports Khalistan and that he supports Rahul Gandhi as the Prime Minister of India it is evident that the NATO expansion advocate in Europe looks at the Congress scion as the Indian leader who might facilitate the Balkanisation of India at the will of the Western forces.

In his talk in the X space as well, he advocated that all the anti-India forces in India should come together and that all the oppositions in India should align with each other to make separate parts of India as independent countries carved out of the nation. His affinity to Rahul Gandhi and his support to the Wayanad MP for the top job in the country therefore holds a notion that Rahul Gandhi might be a useful pawn to those who want to undermine the sovereignty of the nation.

Rahul Gandhi’s foreign tours, especially his Europe tours, Khalistan supporters attending his talks and his anti-India blabbers on foreign soil, and his repeated pitch for foreign intervention in India should therefore be looked at through this lens so that it can be seen how desperately he is trying to undermine the national interests for cheap political gains and how external elements are eager to take advantage of it.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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