Thursday, January 20, 2022



Ukraine and US say Russia can invade Ukraine anytime as Russian forces have completed build-up on the border

Russia has deployed more than 1,27,000 army, air force and navy personnel in its offensive against Ukraine in anticipated invasion

Taliban holds mock funeral with coffins wrapped in US and NATO flags amid Allahu Akbar chants

Taliban celebrated the exit of U.S Military forces from the Afghanistan soil with coffins draped in US and NATO flags.

Joe Biden defends US actions in Afghanistan, says Afghan political leaders fled and military was unwilling to fight Taliban

Joe Biden said the US was not in Afghanistan to create a centralized democracy and build the nation. He blamed the Afghan leaders for fleeing and their military for being unwilling to fight the Taliban.

Afghanistan: 6 killed, several injured after suicide bombers strike inside Kabul’s VIP area

A massive blast occurred in Afghanistan's capital city of Kabul on Tuesday evening. The blast was reportedly a suicide attack carried out using a car bomb around 8 pm in downtown Kabul, close to the 'Green Zone' - one of the most secured regions in the city.

Russian foreign minister slams western countries for teaching children Jesus was bisexual, says USA pursuing a neo-colonial agenda: What it means

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has slammed western countries in a recent article in a Moscow daily.

The United States to move troops from Europe to counter the Chinese threat to India and Southeast Asia

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the increasing Chinese aggression in the region was one of the main reasons why they decided to move the troops closer to India and Southeast Asia.

US signs peace deal with Taliban to end the two-decade long war in Afghanistan, to withdraw troops in 14 months

US-Taliban signed a peace deal calling for the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

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