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I.N.D.I. Alliance

Aman Chopra, Felix Gerald, Manish Kashyap, Ajeet Bharti: Journalists being hounded by states govts while I.N.D.I. alliance claims to champion media freedom

From Punjab to Tamil Nadu, Telangana, and Karnataka, there has been a marked trend of I.N.D.I. alliance governments oppressing critical voices, particularly journalists. 

Muslims consolidated behind INDI Alliance, yet, Delhi Muslims are disappointed that the ‘communal’ BJP did not lose in the national capital

Muslims in Delhi hoped that they will be able to defeat the BJP in the next assembly polls in the national capital.

“BJP alone won more seats than I.N.D.I. Alliance put together”: PM Modi says major decisions in third term is Modi ki Guarantee

PM Modi highlighted the historic feat noting that this is for the first time since 1962 that a government has returned to power for the third consecutive time.

‘From asking workers to mobilise to sar pe kafan, Rang De Basanti and more’: How I.N.D.I. Alliance leaders tried to fan violence ahead of...

Instead of appealing for calm, they were seen doing everything possible to disturb the law and order situation.

Ahead of election results, opposition parties prepare to dismiss people’s verdict, talk about protests and demonstrations if they don’t get “expected results”

According to the Sources, if the opposition doesn’t get the expected results, they will raise questions on the Election Commission, a Constitutional body.

Financial Times changes tune after Exit Polls show massive NDA victory: After promoting opposition leaders, now showers praise on India and PM Modi- Read...

he Financial Times, which batted for the opposition alliance and dismissed India’s objections to “foreign interference” in its election and narrative setting, published an article on May 24th that hyped Arvind Kejriwal

Ravish ‘Pidi’ Kumar claims I.N.D.I. Alliance will get 295+ seats, smiles bitterly like Nero over a ruined empire

‘Pidi’ Kumar is acting to show himself indifferent towards TRP, the glamour of Newsroom as he deliberately left his ground reporting, ‘Ravish ki Report’ to enjoy the space of Prime Time shows and sit there wearing suit, boot, and tie.

Fake YouTube journalists bring down the Modi govt every day on their channels, they are wasting the time of audiences while making millions

Despite the obvious signs that the NDA is regaining power, certain former journalists and YouTubers are persistently disseminating the propaganda of opposition parties including Congress

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