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5 things Sasikala can do to completely stop the MLAs from escaping

Moved my her efforts to keep her MLAs hostage, we decided to give her some more tips

Manmohan Singh’s magical raincoat is now available for sale

The raincoat was mentioned in the parliament by PM Modi as a jibe.

Outrage over ‘raincoat’ comment – how Congress is trying to re-write history

The phoney outrage by Congress over the ‘raincoat’ comment by PM Modi is a well thought of strategy.

This is the proof that Rajdeep Sardesai had asked tough questions to Akhilesh Yadav

A liberal of New Delhi explains what normal people with normal brains could not understand.

Social media slams Rajdeep Sardesai for his soft-ball interview of the Yadavs

Practice what you preach, Mr. Sardesai.

Robert Vadra’s relative deletes offensive tweet after Smriti Irani shows it on news channel

A man called Tehseen Poonawala, who is married to Robert Vara’s cousin, has been tweeting about Smriti Irani for long.
'Historian' Ram Guha gets slammed for falsely sullying Attorney General's reputation

Why Ram Guha deserves place in BCCI, and the changes that are already happening

A passionate defence of Ram Guha’s merit and a report on latest developments. Satire.

This Uttar Pradesh election is BJP’s to lose

BJP will have only itself to blame if it fails to win Uttar Pradesh.

Goa Assembly Elections: The Final Analysis

Although a small state, Goa is crucial fight that will test BJP's ability to counter anti-incumbency factors.

After aligning with SP, Congress leaders should delete these tweets

These tweets might prove to be embarrassing, now that both the parties are together.

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