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Coronavirus in India

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India’s meteoric rise could transform world as China’s image tarnished

New Delhi is watching the world's shifting balance of power with heads of state and senior company executives from across the globe wooing India. 

US senate passes bill to declassify all intelligence on Covid origins, a day after FBI said pandemic leaked from Wuhan lab

USA: FBI, Dept of Energy say the Wuhan lab, where US-based EcoHealth Alliance was carrying out Coronavirus 'gain of function' research with the Chinese government, is the most likely origin of Covid.

Indian Covid-19 vaccine drive saved more than 34 lakh lives: Stanford University report

The report said Covid vaccination prevented a total loss of $18.3 billion, with the net benefit standing at $15.4 billion.

Fearing COVID, woman locks self, son in apartment, rescued after three years

The woman neither let her husband enter the apartment, not let her son leave it in last three years.

‘Pfizer vaccine may have impacted menstrual cycle of women’: Fresh video by Project Veritas has a senior employee telling on camera

‘Project Veritas’ had set up an undercover 'date' with Jordon Walker and quizzed him about the Covid-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer.

‘Is Pfizer working to make Covid more dangerous so it can sell more vaccines?’ US Senator sends letter to Pfizer CEO Bourla after Project...

In a letter dated Thursday (January 26), Rubio said, "An investigative report suggests that Pfizer may be conducting gain-of-function research, which it dubs “directed evolution” research to mutate the SARS-CoV-2 virus to create additional, more potent variants and vaccines to combat future variants."

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