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Aatish Taseer

Pakistanis slam Salman Taseer’s daughter for refusing to declare that Ahmadiyya are not Muslims

Salman Taseer's daughter Sara Taseer refused to sign a declaration for passport renewal saying that Ahmadiyya are not Muslims

Watch: How Shazia Ilmi stood up to Aatish Taseer-led liberal bullies chanting anti-India slogans at JLF New York

Aatish Taseer had instigated a protest against BJP leader Shazia Ilmi at Jaipur Literature Festival in New York

‘Liberal’ panellists withdraw from Jaipur Literature Festival in New York because BJP leader Shazia Ilmi was a panellist

According to a report by Middle East Eye, at least 3 panellists withdrew from JLF in New York because Shazia Ilmi was a panellist

Aatish Taseer, son of late Pakistani politician, accuses BJP of using SSR to silence Bollywood, says actor was mentally ill and drug addict

Aatish Taseer has accused BJP of using the unfortunate death of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput to 'silence' Bollywood.

Aatish Taseer shows how his ‘jamaat’ has mastery over playing victim, brands Bollywood pro-Modi even as it remains anti-Hindu

'Eminent intellectual' Aatish Taseer has has claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is attempting to silence Bollywood.

Aatish Taseer draws inspiration from Yogendra Yadav, ‘Aandolanjeevis’ now go international

It is rather funny that Aatish Taseer is now trying to be a free trial version of multi-faceted far-left 'protestor' Yogendra Yadav'. Except, he has now taken the game international.

‘Liberals’ try to ‘scare’ Yogi govt with US pressure over American citizen Siddharth Varadarajan

No sooner the FIR was registered against Siddharth Varadarajan for fake news, the usual suspects were out of their burrows to cry foul.

NASDAQ billboard at NYC’s Times Square not to beam Lord Ram’s image after petitions by Muslim groups

Muslims groups in New York have objetected to the plan of displaying the images of Lord Ram on the large LED screens of Times Square on Bhoomi Pujan day.

Why it’s wrong to call Aatish Taseer a ‘bastard’ even if he is one

All Amit Shah ever did to Taseer was revoke a privilege that allowed him to circumvent the usual visa application process that common people go through.

Tavleen Singh comes out to defend her son Aatish Taseer for spewing venom on Amit Shah, lies through her teeth

Aatish Taseer still outraged about his OCI status revocation, uses vile, abusive words for India's Home Minister.

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