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Sharam naam ki koi cheese nahi hai, Amul issues clarification on viral forward

Amul has clarified that it has not launched a cheese brand called 'Sharam', adding that the viral image is fake

Karnataka elections creates a villain in Amul? Now Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin opposes milk procurement by Amul in the state alleging threat to...

Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin has written to cooperation minister Amit Shah to stop Amul from procuring milk in the state

‘While there is stiff opposition over Amul’s entry in Karnataka, Nandini is selling its products in Kerala’: Kerala Milk Federation chairman

Milma Chairman K.S. Mani called out the hypocrisy of Karnataka Milk Marketing Federation over Amul-Nandini row.

Amul vs Nandini: Politicisation of Milk, and instigation of regional sentiments ahead of the Karnataka elections

Some vested interests went on to claim that Amul is trying to 'root out' Nandini and thus undermine Kannadiga identity and culture.

Congress again insults Gujarat and homegrown brand Amul, says ‘don’t need Amul technology’ in Karnataka

On Sunday, Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai defended Shah and said that Nandini Dairy will always maintain its separate identity in the coming years. Bommai told reporters here that the merger of Nandini into AMUL is a wrong imagination.

Fact-check: Did Amul print the Tiranga on the packets of its products as alleged by netizens

Netizens outrage against Amul for printing 'National Flag' on its milk packets which is actually not the national flag

Sahkar thi samruddhi: As PM Modi inaugurated new cooperative dairy plants, read the great success story in cooperative sector in Gujarat

Gujarajat has been a pioneer in cooperative movement in the country, the greatest example of which is Amul

PETA resorts to sex: Shares cringe sexual videos making dubious claims to promote veganism

PETA is claiming that vegans enjoy great sex life and they are superior in terms of sexual performance to non-vegans, especially meat-eaters.

Amul leads the way in women empowerment as it celebrates 75 years of Indian Independence: Watch video that has won hearts

Amul celebrates 75 years of milk revolution as India enters 75th year of Independence with this lovely video.

Canada: Amul wins trademark case, to receive ₹19.59 lakhs as damages

Amul Dairy had filed a case with the Federal Court of Canada over trademark infringement by a group called 'Amul Canada.'

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