Saturday, September 25, 2021


animal cruelty

Denmark: Over 1400 dolphins killed in a barbaric tradition, distributed amongst locals for consumption amid outrage

Over 1400 white-sided dolphins were killed in Faroe Island in Denmark by the locals as part of the traditional Grindadrap event

Shocking video shows Kerala woman setting a dog and her seven puppies on fire

In Kerala, two women have allegedly set a mother dog and her litter of month old seven puppies on fire and the incident was caught on camera

Punjab: Drunk 72-year-old man caught raping a cow in the night in Ludhiana, fled after Dairy owner arrived

Dairy owner Munna Lal in Ludhiana, Punjab, woke up at 12 in the night and saw the mane raping his cow, after which the drunk man fled

Andhra Pradesh Congress suspends party leader for frying “Twitter bird” in public, says he tarnished image of the party

G V Sriraj had fried a quail in the name of 'Twitter bird' to protest against locking of Rahul Gandhi's Twitter account for violating rules

US: Dr Fauci under fire for spending $400,000 for funding ‘cruel experiments’ on dogs, university defends him: Here is what happened

WCW Project Research Manager Daniel Lopez said the documents exposed why Dr. Anthony Fauci must be held accountable for 'wasteful and cruel spending'.

PETA says illegal goat markets are open all over Mumbai ahead of Bakra Eid, claims violation of Covid norms and animal rights

PETA India alleged illegal goat markets have opened all across Mumbai amidst Bakra Eid celebrations despite Covid restrictions.

Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre to be shut down temporarily after 40 years after dog was tortured, abused and killed: Maneka Gandhi

Maneka Gandhi vowed to rebuild the animal shelter physically, create new infrastructure and ensure adequate staff members.

Kerala: Dog hanged from a boat, beaten to death over personal animosity with owner family

The accused were identified as Silu Ayyan, Sunil and a juvenile, and were arrested. However, they were soon released on bail.

Fact-check: Did a PETA activist really become pregnant with Gorilla semen to save the species

Sirf News falls for satire, publishes fake news saying PETA activist became surrogate mother of a Gorilla embryo using IVF

YouTuber ties pet dog with helium balloons to make it ‘fly’, gets arrested for animal cruelty

After the outrage, the Youtuber deleted the video and issued an apology saying that he loves his pet dog and had taken all safety measures.

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