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“Aaj Kutton Ka Wakt Hai, Hamara Daur Ayega”: Video of Mufti Salman Azhari’s hate speech in Junagadh goes viral, action sought

“This tribe bows only when Allahu Akbar is said. This is our speciality. This is what I want to say to those who show me a lollipop of wealth and 10 years of power and say come, keep your head at my feet," he said.

A video of a Muslim cleric inciting people against Hindus is going viral on social media. The person identified as Mufti Salman Azhari can be heard giving a venomous speech. The video is said to be from a Muslim community event in Junagadh city, which took place on Wednesday (31st January).

In the video, Azhari says, “Abhi to karbala ka akhiri maidan baqi hai…Kuch der ki khamoshi hai, fir shore ayega… Aaj kutton ka wakt hai, kal hamara daur ayega.” (The final battle of Karbala is yet to come… a moment of silence, then there will be noise again. Today is the time of the dogs, tomorrow will be our time).” After saying this, he chants, “Labbek Ya Rasulullah” and the crowd in front repeats it.

This 22-second video is going viral on social media with people demanding action.

At the beginning of his speech, Azhari mentions the history of Junagadh and says that the people of Junagadh did not fall into the hands of anyone.

“It took several attempts to get them inside. Just as you did not soon come to anyone’s hands, I want you today not to wear someone else’s belt around your neck, we only have the servitude of Tajdar-e-Madinah,” he said.

Then Azhari and the crowd start chanting the slogan ‘Ghulam Hai Ghulam Hai, Rasool Ke Ghulam Hai’.

Further citing research on Muslims, he said, “Muslims are beaten, slaughtered, children killed, women robbed, houses destroyed, mosques burnt, but it is not their leader who brings them back together. Now and then they have been scattered and reunited and come alive in the name of Mohammed, gathered in the name of Tajdar-e-Madinah.”

Further, addressing the Muslim youth, he says, “The Arab has become unconscious, he has been drugged by the Internet. You have also been given access to it. There is so much drunkenness that every neighborhood is full of drunkenness today. Now the world is checking whether they are completely unconscious and they have only one way to check the Ummad (Muslim community) – in the honor of Hazor, in the honor of Islam, in the honor of Quran, they will gloat, scold, bring out the little dog, they will keep barking, to check whether the Muslim is completely unconscious or still conscious.”

“The Arabs have become unconscious, but it is God’s grace that Hindustan has not become unconscious. A dog cries out from a thousand places – Labbak Ya Rasulullah.”

He goes on to say, “2 years ago a dog was barking at Bhair’s glory, pain in the heart. I used to think that now there is no need for discussion, no need for conversation, come straight to the ground, let’s talk face to face.”

Azhari continued, “This tribe bows only when Allahu Akbar is said. This is our speciality. This is what I want to say to those who show me a lollipop of wealth and 10 years of power and say come, keep your head at my feet. Only the traitor may come to you, the one who is loyal to Nabi will step on your head and say – Mere Nabi Se Mera rishta kal bhi tha aur aaj bhi hai (I always had ties to my God and will continue to have these ties).”

He went on to say, “Great tyrants have come and perished, now there is nothing…winds and winds will blow away. Your faith is being tested. If you survive, Allah’s help will surely come.”

Others also said many inflammatory things

Mufti Azhari continued, “Tell your children that eating only halwa-paratha is not called Ashiq-e-Rasool, eating only naankhatai and panda-jalebi is not called Sunni. Who is Sunni? Those who shave their heads in the name of Rasulullah. Sometimes it is time to get into trouble and we are ready for that too. What have we given in the love of presence? Is lighting a candle once on Milad called praying the right in the love of presence? Today we are yours. Not even asking about the condition of the necks, but the point is that our young man plays pubg all night, uses the internet, pain while the dogs are barking at the dignity of the presence when it comes to destroying their akhlaq (Urdu word meaning morality). happens. Your house is being set on fire and you are doing mujra on Tiktok. “

He further addressed the Muslim youth and said, “You have now started taking Hazur-e-Akhlaq lightly. Islam has been started to be taken lightly. Now it has come to this point that neither our mosques are safe nor our hats, beards, nothing is safe.”

He further glorifies Muhammad bin Qasim by quoting an alleged incident and says, “He brought an army of thousands to Hindustan to save his sister’s robbed honour. During the speech, Qasim was also described as the first person to hoist the ‘Parcham-e-Islam’ on this land.”

At the end of the speech, Azhari says, “Inqlab will happen from your house. They do not have the courage to turn mosques into booths. You have left the mosques deserted and we have a phrase that when the ground is open there is a rule of dogs. If you keep walking in the field, there will be no dogs.”

At the end of the speech, he said, “Sunnis, get up here from Junagadh with the belief that there is no messiah for you, not even the ruling party and not even the opposition party. Maybe some days someone can play with our emotions and someone will call you. We’ve seen it all…..where do you stand? Someone who stands with us even when our children are robbed.”

“No, no one spoke to us when the mosques were looted, no one spoke to us in the Maidan or in Parliament. Everyone can talk about those people while lamenting secularism, but no one can talk about 20-25 crore Muslims,” he said.

“Our death will not end Islam”

He goes on to say, “The world is telling us that you are right, why are you being killed, being cut down, Palestine, Iran, Burma being cut down and killed. Answer those oppressors that we are the servants of Muhammad Rasoolullah and the servant is born only to die. If we are killed, remember that Islam will not be destroyed by our death, if it was to be destroyed, it would have been destroyed in Karbala. But he comes alive after every Karbala.”

At the end of the speech he says in Hindi, “Don’t panic Muslims, abhi khuda ki shaan baki hai. Abhi Islam Jinda Hai. Abhi Quran baqi hai. Aa jalim kafir kya samhate hai jo roj hamse ulajhte hai, abhi to karbala ka akhiri makam baqi hai. Kuch der ki khamoshi hai, shore ayega…..Aaj kutton ka wakt hai, kal hamara daur ayega.” Then chants of Labbak Ya Rasulullah are heard and the crowd repeats it.

When OpIndia contacted the Junagadh police regarding the matter, it was learned that the police have taken cognizance of the video and will also issue a statement. However, the connection could not be established when we tried again later.

No action seems to have been taken by the time this is being published. The report will be updated after receiving the response.

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