Saturday, September 18, 2021


audrey truschke

Hyderabad: Lecture by Pro Aurangzeb ‘historian’ cancelled after protest against her anti-Hindu views

The organizers have confirmed the cancellation of the event which was to be held on August 11.

VIDEO: ‘The OpIndia Recap’ with Sham Sharma: On dishonesty of Audrey Truschke

We are back with another episode of ‘The Opindia Recap’ by Sham Sharma, an MBA student at the Roosevelt University, Chicago and a sales...

Playing fast and loose with Ramayan

Controversies and public spats can indeed be very educative

Congress mouthpiece comes out in support of bigoted racist who called Lord Ram a pig

Congress had earlier filed an affidavit in Supreme Court claiming Lord Ram does not exist.

Pro-Aurangzeb ‘historian’ spreads false and derogatory comment about Lord Ram

She attributed the statement to Sita and overall received a lot of flack

Fact check: was Aurangzeb a “secular” ruler as his sympathisers claim he was?

Aurangzeb apologists try to portray him as a secular, sympathetic ruler which he was not.

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