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Mumbai: Bharat Jain, the world’s richest beggar continues to beg even after having a net worth of Rs 7.5 crore

Jain at present has amassed a net worth of 7.5 crore. His monthly income from begging fluctuates between Rs 60,000 and Rs 75,000.

Video of Pakistani woman saying her rich family swimming in luxuries is full of professional beggars emerges amid severe economic crisis

The woman also informed that the family of beggars had even hired a makeup artist so that they could pass off as destitutes.

Not satire: Pakistan sets up anti beggary squad to eliminate professional beggars

It is interesting to note here that Google Images throws up pictures of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan when one searches for 'Bhikhari'.

No, Indian Railways will not allow begging in trains and platforms, Ministry busts media reports

Multiple media houses had reported that the Indian Railways may decriminalise begging, thereby effectively allow begging on the trains and platform.

‘Rats of Shah Dola’: How hundreds of children in the Islamic State of Pakistan are forcefully deformed and exploited as beggars

In the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the microcephalic children find refuge at the shrine of Shah Daula in Varedia but are deformed and exploited to beg

Dear Mr Chidambaram, pakodewalas have shown more enterprise than your leader ever will

Why Rahul Gandhi's gang hates hardworking people

A ‘beggar family’ in Saudi found to be owner of 5 cars including a Mercedes

This is a new concept of offbeat entrepreneurship, or maybe not so new.

Thousands of kids rescued from slavery after home ministry launches nationwide campaign

Over 19,000 missing children in India are rescued from slavery, prostitution and begging under the 'Operation Smile'.

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