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Uttar Pradesh: 19-year-old Mohammad Sohail arrested for harassing and molesting young girls by hiding inside burqa

Initially, the police were unaware that the arrest accused was a male. The police officials had mistaken the accused for a girl after seeing him in a burqa.

Private Muslim Fund that promised Sharia-compliant service vanishes after duping Muslims in Bijnor, promoter Md Faizi flees with crores

'Al Faizan Muslim Fund Limited,' a facility by one Mohammed Faizi offering Sharia banking vanishes with crores of deposing money

‘Can I be your bf’, ‘will you marry me’: Bijnor teacher Mohd Arshad arrested for sending obscene messages to students

Veera Engineering College, where Mohd Arshad taught, is owned by family of Ruchi Veera, former MLA and BSP leader

UP: Sikh woman murdered by live-in partner Nafees Ahmed for insisting on marriage, crime scene manipulated to look like accident

Manpreet Kaur was found dead with her body and head crushed on NH-74 at Afzalgarh in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh on Saturday night.

Bijnor murder case: Shahzad alias Khadim had planned to rape Dalit girl, strangulated her brutally when she struggled and screamed

Shahzad was waiting for her at Railway Station with an intention to rape. He attacked her but when she screamed and struggled, he strangulated her with her own dupatta and killed her.

Police arrest one Nazim for posting provocative message after Jat youth’s murder in Bijnor

“The throne will be yours but the crown will be ours, whichever city it is, we will rule it,” Nazim had posted in his video

Uttar Pradesh: Shadab, Sariq, Shahbaz, Shehzad arrested after shooting dead Rachit Jat in full public view, NSA slapped on them

After killing Rachit Jat in a market, the four Muslims didn't flee, they sat there and smoke cigarettes, from where they were arrested

First chargesheet filed under UP anti-conversion law against one Afzal for abducting a Dalit woman and trying to convert to Islam

The UP government had passed the ordinance against forceful conversion to deal with rising cases of Grooming jihad in the state.

Uttar Pradesh: Saqib became Sonu to entrap a minor Dalit girl, forced her to convert to Islam

A case of Grooming Jihad has emerged from Bijnor in Uttar Pradesh where 19-year-old Saqib concealed his religious identity to entice a 14-year-old Dalit girl into forced religious conversion.

Bijnor: Youth murdered because his brother had run away with a girl, case filed against the girl’s father Asgar and her brothers

Shivan murdered by Asgar and his sons because he was supporting his brother Sagar, who was jailed for having affair with Asgar's daughter

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