Thursday, June 17, 2021



Police arrest one Nazim for posting provocative message after Jat youth’s murder in Bijnor

“The throne will be yours but the crown will be ours, whichever city it is, we will rule it,” Nazim had posted in his video

Uttar Pradesh: Shadab, Sariq, Shahbaz, Shehzad arrested after shooting dead Rachit Jat in full public view, NSA slapped on them

After killing Rachit Jat in a market, the four Muslims didn't flee, they sat there and smoke cigarettes, from where they were arrested

First chargesheet filed under UP anti-conversion law against one Afzal for abducting a Dalit woman and trying to convert to Islam

The UP government had passed the ordinance against forceful conversion to deal with rising cases of Grooming jihad in the state.

Uttar Pradesh: Saqib became Sonu to entrap a minor Dalit girl, forced her to convert to Islam

A case of Grooming Jihad has emerged from Bijnor in Uttar Pradesh where 19-year-old Saqib concealed his religious identity to entice a 14-year-old Dalit girl into forced religious conversion.

Bijnor: Youth murdered because his brother had run away with a girl, case filed against the girl’s father Asgar and her brothers

Shivan murdered by Asgar and his sons because he was supporting his brother Sagar, who was jailed for having affair with Asgar's daughter

Uttar Pradesh ATS nabs one Gaffar for making threat calls to BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj and other BJP leaders

The accused Gaffar confessed during the interrogation that he made the threat calls when he was in Kuwait

UP: Muslim mob stored stones on rooftops, pelted them when Hindu devotees went to install Hanuman idol at temple

Sagir Ahmed, Naeem, Saddik Ahmed, Riaz Ahmed, Irfan Ahmed, Asghar, Shabana, Naima and Shama have been identified as the accused in the stone-pelting case and are already arrested. 

Uttar Pradesh: Journalists made Dalits write ‘house for sale’ in Bijnor, claims police; books two for ‘manipulation of news’

A journalist Vishal and another Rashid were booked by Bijnor Police over allegations of spreading fake news

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