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Govindarajan was attacked by Congress-DMK supporter Gopinath when he was campaigning for Modi
Congress workers attacked BJP supporters with knife injuring 3 of them
Every time PM Modi and his party would do something Mr X would oppose it but will pretend as if he supported the last action.
4 BJP workers had been brutally attacked yesterday by SDPI workers in Vadanappally, Thrissur.
He asked his party workers to harass people who deceived the party so that a message is sent as to "what happens with them who cheat us".
The media, the politicians, the so-called political analysts and even ordinary people consistently use battle metaphors to describe electoral contests. In this sense, 2019 is no less than a war and a civilizational one at that.
It is time BJP supporters understand the meaning of the term 'Congress-mukt Bharat'.
She was beaten up twice by TMC goons
This is not the first time that the Islamic terrorists in Kashmir have attacked BJP leaders
The modern liberal establishment sees the Hindu right winger as just another animal.
Many BJP supporters are already seeing Yogi Adityanath as the next Prime Minister. Expectations should meet reality.
The BJP supporters are not very happy with the social media head's tweets.
A needless argument spiralling out of control

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