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The budget was a balanced one, even though media reports had suggested otherwise. What could have caused this?
What different sectors and groups like Farmers, Rural India, youth, and the middle class got.
A comprehensive analysis of the Union Budget presented by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley today.
Rajdeep Sardesai should take a break from journalism for some days
Proposal to introduce withdrawal tax has been made many times, but will it prove to be effective?
2017 is the year that will see major political upheavals, and demonetisation will play a part.
The low-down on the excise on jewellery controversy
Analysis of top stories which of February
This budget presents a believable picture on the numbers and outlines the priority area of government spending without doing anything fancy.
"Are IITians contributing as much it is expected from them?"
A view on the hits and misses of Budget 2015
A look at Government's promises from the last budget and how many have been fulfilled
The success of this budget will depend on greater center- state alignment, and an overall focus on good governance and implementation of policies and legislation.
Brief Summary of Union Budget. The budget is focused on growth, price control and infrastructure

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