Tuesday, October 19, 2021



Is Indian currency being printed in China, as claimed by media and some politicians?

Congress and AAP leaders share Chinese media's claim, government of India calls it baseless

Will China regret its treatment of Muslims? Not very likely

There is absolutely nothing to indicate that China might come to regret their treatment of Muslims in the future.

No, ‘top US official’ did not say that China has resumed its activities in Doklam

Imagine if every wild assertion of every Indian MP were quoted in the foreign press as "Indian official says ..."

Muslims living in China’s ‘little Mecca’ allege conspiracy to deliberately eradicate Islam

Earlier it was reported that all Chinese mosques had been asked to hoist the national flag

The Chinese Economic Crisis: A comprehensive explainer

Trump presidency is like dumping Chinese bubbles into a stack of needles and all it needs is one small trigger to begin the big burst.

Air India is not the only airlines that has agreed to ‘rename’ Taiwan under Chinese pressure

Taiwan has called out this order by China as 'bullying' to achieve its 'political objectives'.

4th of July and the 11th of September – Two days that bring both hope and despair

India has forgotten Swami Vivekananda and we need him now more than ever

Not leaving on a jet plane: After China, Mamata’s trip to Chicago gets cancelled

Foreign trips not working out at the moment for Mamata?

India stands its ground, refuses to endorse China’s Belt and Road Initiative in SCO summit

The joint declaration also seemed to shame Pakistan as it unequivocally condemned all forms of terrorism.

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