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USA trying to carve a Christian nation in South Asia? A violent Manipur and Sheikh Hasina’s caution: How the dots align

It is said to be on the lines of “Zalengam” [land of freedom], a proposed Kuki State. This separate nation would comprise large parts of Sagaing Division and the Chin state of Myanmar, the Indian state of Mizoram, and Kuki-inhabited areas of Manipur, and the Bandarban district and adjoining areas of Bangladesh’s Chittagong division.

Pakistan: How good deed of Christian man Nazir Masih led to his lynching by Islamists over ‘blasphemy’

The victim's nephew Sajid told Swarajya, "My uncle was only trying to do a good deed by cleaning the street, but see what it did to him."

Ghana: 63-year-old Christian priest’s marriage to a 12-year-old girl sparks outrage, community leaders defend it saying it is ‘tradition and custom’

A 63-year-old Christian priest in Ghana married a 12-year-old girl, sparking outrage over the African nation where legal age for marriage is 18.

Christian militant group asks LGBTQ groups to leave Nagaland within 3 days, terms them ‘evil forces trying to destroy society’

The group said it would not be responsible for any adverse reaction if the non-locals propagating and encouraging LGBTQ in the state fail to leave within three days

Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams to establish platform for non-Hindus to adopt Sanatan Dharma, to prevent religious conversion

Reddy said that this platform would be the first of its kind in the country and that the temple would become the place for people to declare their faith in Hinduism.

‘Should we be so intolerant?’: Kerala High Court on plea against Malayalam film ‘Antony’ over gun inside a Bible scene

"How do you know this is the Bible? …The statement states it was as a fleeting moment…it was such brief that it could not be registered in the mind of the viewer…"

‘Christian community’s service to state in education, health commendable’: Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah

Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah on Monday praised Christian community for their contribution in the field of education and health.

‘Thank God! Michelangelo is not alive’: German trans artist’s video of ‘trans’ Mother Mary holding an adult, tattooed Jesus draws online backlash

The photo is an adaptation of Michelangelo Buonarroti's Pietà which is a sculpture of Jesus and Mary at Mount Golgotha.

Did you know: In 2002, 100 people were killed in Nigeria in riots between Muslim and Christian mobs sparked by a report over Miss...

In 2002, Muslims and Christians clashed in Miss World Riots in Nigeria leaving over 100 dead

Pakistan: Christian priest injured in shooting at Jaranwala, where Churches were vandalised and set ablaze weeks ago

Father Sidhu stated that a few days ago when he went to drop his son off at school, a few bearded people threatened him. They reportedly said, “As our written slogans have been deleted from the wall of the church, soon you will also be deleted”.

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