Wednesday, September 29, 2021


church crimes

HC stays cancellation of Christian Evangelist, Kapil Mishra to stage protest outside the venue

The complaint has been lodged by AAP rebel leader Kapil Mishra

College affiliated to Malankara Church refuses to publish magazine with a poem about sex abuse by godmen

The four line poem reportedly refers to the Kottoyoor rape case where father Robin had allegedly raped and impregnated a minor girl

Jalandhar Bishop Rape case: Kerala Christian priest threatens a nun to withdraw her support for the victim

The sexual abuses at the Christian churches has been a worrying trend recently.

‘Abolish practice of confessions in churches’, NCW chief on allegations of misuse of confessions

The increasing number of alleged sexual abuses in the churches are coming out to the public recently

Kerala church becomes a condominium for sinners, with another priest being held for rape

Church finding itself bang in the middle of accusations of blackmail, gangrape and selling babies

Kerala priests accused of blackmail and sexual abuse

Father John has reportedly said that this incident does not deserve a police probe.

The church has been plagued with cases of sexual abuse, and it’s time the ‘omerta’ is broken

Christain priests are very frequent lawbreakers, how long are we going to let the protectionism continue

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