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Dr Nisar Khan and his son forcibly circumcise their Hindu servant to convert him to Islam in Madhya Pradesh, case filed: Read details

A 31-year-old man has filed a complaint against 2 people for forcibly circumcising him with the intent of converting him into Islam.

Uttar Pradesh: Fake eunuch Sabir forcefully converts labourer Rahul after luring him into illicit relationship, got him circumcised

A man named Rahul was forcefully converted to Islam and circumcised under pretext of love by a fake eunuch in Uttar Pradesh

UP: Mahfooz, a cleric and others booked for illegally converting Sikh woman and her children, performing circumcision

Harjinder Kaur was named Gulistaan while her 12-year-old son Rahul and 10-year-old Sumit were named Farman and Anas. “He also conducted a circumcision ceremony of my sons,” Kaur confirmed to the police.

Australia: Two women arrested, face up to 10 years in jail for planning genital mutilation of a two-week-old baby girl

The woman had requested a doctor to perform the genital mutilation who refused and reported the matter to authorities.

Delhi police team to investigate a complaint filed by a Hindu man against a Muslim woman alleging forceful conversion and circumcision

The Hindu man had accused the Muslim woman and her relatives of forcefully converting him to Islam and getting him circumcised.

Ludhiana: Three persons booked for forcefully performing circumcision on a 10-year-old in an attempt to convert to Islam

The boy was reportedly abandoned by his father after the death of his mother.

Maulvi forcibly circumcises Hindu man after he married Muslim woman

He is also been pressurized to convert to Islam

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