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Perils of woke feminism: How recent Clubhouse conversation encourages sexually predatory behaviour and promotes Grooming Jihad

As a part of Grooming Jihad in India, Hindu women are entrapped by the assailants who pose as imposters, intending to have a sexual relationship, marrying them and later manipulating them into eschewing their beliefs and faith.

An audio clip from the chat app Clubhouse is recently doing the rounds on social media platforms, in which the so-called social media influencers were seen encouraging and making obnoxious remarks against women, especially those who espoused the Hindutva ideology.

In the audio clip that has now gone viral, a user who goes by the name Kadamboor Neeraj could be heard making crass remarks against “Sanghis”.

When Aishwarya Subramanyam, one of the moderators of the ClubHouse room, asked Neeraj if he dates only hot people, he responded, “No, I date all kinds of people but on the dating apps, I do sometimes thirst for these very hot Sanghi types, just for fun.”

To this Aishwarya responded that Sanghis are not hot, but Neeraj nevertheless defended himself saying he finds them hot. Neeraj further adds, “Just like the opposite of paper bag sex….”, to which a lady in the group remarked: “It is like having hate sex”.

Subsequently, another person in the group chimes in to make yet another unsavoury remark against people who supported Hindutva ideology. “I feel like Sanghis are people…like initially India was not too well off and opportunities did not come easy, so Sanghis were people who were hireable by…,” a user named Keshav Rai said.

However, these deeply problematic statements made by the woke liberals suggest that they are as hollow as their activism. They are openly asking to target Hindu women, just because their ideology does not match with theirs. They are perpetuating a culture that justifies and rationalises the culture of rape and sexual assault against opponents.

Subsequently, the people who had participated in the conversation justified Kadamboor’s remarks on ‘Sanghis’ saying that he is gay and hence the ‘jokes’ were not on women. Ex India Today journalist Aishwarya Subramanyam also said that gay man making jokes on gay ‘Sanghis’ is okay. The level of wokeness is quite high here.

The brazen sexual objectification by the so-called liberals and feminists

Besides Aishwarya, others in the room included self-described liberals and social media influencers such as Kusha Kapila, Janice Sequeira, Ankush Bahuguna, Santu Misra and others. Even as people in their ClubHouse room kept making egregious remarks, the so-called social media influencers, many of whom are women and feminists, heartily enjoyed the sexist remarks made against ‘Sanghis’.

The moderators of the room showed no intent to keep the conversation civil and stop the participants from making lewd comments against women with an opposing worldview. Instead, they enjoyed and sniggered at the comments where Hindus were degraded to a mere object of sexual lust. Ironically, these are the same social media influencers who pompously declare their unwavering commitment to the cause of feminism and women empowerment.

However, when it comes to Hindus, their commitment takes a temporary hiatus and they partake in the brazen objectification. Because they believe ‘Sanghis’ are not humans. They have reiterated this stand over and over.

While they argue that women should not be reduced to their hymens, they indulge in the exact same behaviour when the victims are ‘Sanghis’. This selective application of activism is why these feminists are not taken seriously by the people of the country. All their activism is reserved only for women who meekly subscribe to their ideology. Those who are maverick enough to not abide by their worldview, are condemned to sexual harassment and attacks.

The Clubhouse conversation reveals woke liberals’ visceral hatred for Hindus, especially their women

The audio conversation on Clubhouse also reveals the deep-rooted hatred these so-called social media influencers harbour for anyone who is proud of their Hindu roots and unabashedly wears their Hindu identity on their sleeves. Women who overtly manifest their support to Hindutva ideology are considered as fair game by these bunch of self-proclaimed liberals to be subjected to sexual objectification.

For years, the feminists like the ones who were part of the Clubhouse discussion ridiculed people belonging to the Hindutva fold as sexually deprived because they could not win arguments with them based on logic. When they realised their arguments against adherents of Hindutva ideology were bereft of logic and rationality, they threw labels at them such as Sanghi, Bhakts and mocked them on their sexual life.

However, if the audio clip released on Twitter is anything to go by, it reveals the depravity of the so-called left-liberal social media influencers, who perhaps seemed to be among those who are sexually deprived and want to use sex as a tool to score points over their ideological counterparts. Their fixation with having sex with nubile Hindu women provides a window into their perverted minds and their blatant disregard of commitments they had so passionately claimed to espouse.

Perhaps, it appears that their piecemeal allegiance to the lofty ideals of liberalism and feminism is meant only as a smokescreen, apparently to feign moral superiority while concealing their insecurities and inferiority complex against Hindu women. This inferiority complex is what compels them to rationalise and encourage even something as repugnant as predatory sexual behaviour against their ideological opponents.

The subtle promotion of sexually predatory behaviour and Grooming Jihad

Additionally, this brazen objectification of women is one of the defining characteristics of the mindset under which Grooming Jihad works. As a part of Grooming Jihad in India, Hindu women are entrapped by the assailants who pose as imposters, intending to have a sexual relationship, marrying them and later manipulating them into eschewing their beliefs and faith.

Ever since Hindus raised awareness about Grooming Jihad, the left-liberals and feminists have sought to dismiss the menace as non-existent and accuse Hindus of indulging in fear-mongering. They had roundly rejected the notion that Hindu women were targeted through a well-thought-out conspiracy as a part of the plan to wean them away from their Hindu roots, even though overwhelming evidence proved its rampant existence.

Historically, sex has also been used by men as a means to subjugate women and establish their supremacy over them. During medieval times, the Mughal kings kept Hindu women in their harems as sex slaves. They were raped and tortured continuously, only because their belief was at variance with the Mughal kings. More recently, ISIS codified sex slavery and its fighters extensively used it against their non-Muslim captives.

The concept of using sex as an instrument of ideological warfare is profoundly problematic because it often gives rise to more severe crimes such as rapes, acid attack and murder. So, when the liberals and feminists encourage and promote the unhealthy fetish of establishing sexual dalliance with women who support opposing ideology, they are not only degrading them as objects of sexual lust as ISIS did with their prisoners but also normalising using sex as a weapon against their ideological opponents. The Hindus must, therefore, call out the sham of these so-called social media influencers and expose them for what they are, Hinduphobic predators.

Recently, Haryana girl Nikita Tomar was murdered in broad daylight by one Tauseef who wanted to marry her. Tomar’s parents had gone on record to say that Tauseef wanted Nikita to convert to Islam and she had been rejecting his advances. Apparently, the ‘liberals’ had whitewashed Tauseef’s hate crime against Nikita by claiming that the ‘right wing’ was pushing a ‘love jihad’ narrative. They conveniently forget that Tauseef wanted Nikita to convert to Islam because he hated her Hindu identity. How will this be different from ‘hate sex’ the so-called liberals so easily normalise?

So when someone ‘thirsts’ for ‘hate sex’, where you have forceful, sometimes rough (read rape) sexual intercourse with someone you hate because of political ideology, you are actually perpetuating the concept of Grooming Jihad where the sexual relationship with the victim is based on the hate you have for their religious identity. Perhaps this is why the ‘liberals’ do not accept the concept of Grooming Jihad as real despite innumerable examples of sexual exploitation, rape, forceful religious conversion and sometimes even murder of Hindu women by Islamists.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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