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‘I respect Modi Sahab, will vote for him’: Artist Piyush Mishra says, and mentions that all communists eventually become dictators

The 'Gangs of Wasseypur' actor, however, underscored that the communists-leftists are wicked people and that they "drank" his blood. "Badmash hain ye log..bahot badmash hain…arey khoon pi gaye mera..khoon pi gaye mera saale," Piyush Mishra said.

Communism destroyed my life, abandoned responsibility towards family for 20 years: Piyush Mishra

Piyush Mishra narrated, "I kept working for them until I reached a breaking point. I was mentally and physically exhausted and emotionally drained by that time."

‘Can’t criticize Islam in Kerala’: Author C Ravichandran on being called Sanghi, says he has been criticising Sangh and Hindutva for a long time

C Ravichandran said that he has been criticising Sangh and Hindutva for a long time, but he was called Sanghi for criticising Islam

Kavita Krishnan (she/her) leaves CPI(ML) posts: Here is why it was the right decision and how she can fashion herself to be India’s AOC

Going woke is better than going woke. Why do I say this? Well, The Hindu had shocking news. Kavita Krishnan (she/her) has been ‘relieved’ of her leadership role in CPI(ML).

Here is what happens when a millennial Bengali, raised in a Communist family, reads “How I Became a Hindu” by Sita Ram Goel

I just finished reading my first Sita Ram Goel book, the famous 'How I Became A Hindu' with its original chapters written in 1982 and the last chapter specifically on the “Nightmare of Nehruism” added by Goel in 1993

‘Many of the Prophet’s ideas are close to Communist ideals’; ‘Marx, Lenin are prophets of modern times’: CPI(M) Politburo Member M A Baby

As the month of Ramzan kicked off, M A Baby took to Facebook to draw parallels between Communism and Islam

China bans footballers from getting tattoos to set ‘good example for society’, mandates ‘ideological and political education’ activities

China has now banned their national team football players from getting new tattoos and cover up if they have any existing tattoos

“Down with dictatorship, we want freedom”: Protests erupt in Cuba as citizens demand end to communist regime

As country faces worst economic crisis in 30 years, Cubans take to street to protest against the communist regime.

Mamata Banerjee is all set to marry Socialism in the presence of Communism, Leninism, Marxism. Read details

Communism is a practising lawyer, while his two siblings - Socialism and Leninism, run a silver anklet manufacturing unit in Salem. Socialism is the youngest of the three siblings. Both Communism and Leninism are married, and the latter has a son named Marxism.

Kerala professor compares Modi with Hitler and right-wing with Nazi Germany in lecture to students, spews venom on Hindus and ‘Hindu parties’

Kerala professor Gilbert Sebastian give hateful lessons against RSS & PM Modi, compares rise of right wing with Mussolini & Hitler

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