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Congress spokesperson Priyanka Chaturvedi had to endure unruly behaviour from her own party members in Mathura.
BJP supporters changed 'Modi, Modi' when Matondkar arrived for her campaign which enraged Congress supporters who took to violence
Congress workers attacked BJP supporters with knife injuring 3 of them
Congress party workers allegedly resorted to vandalism and attempted to prevent well-known social activist and orator, Chakravarthy Sulibele from addressing the gathering at Poornaprajna Vidyapeeta at Bangalore
The offender claimed to be the nephew of Congress leader and MLA Ashwin Joshi and threatened the traffic cop saying that there is Congress government in the state.
A couple of days back, techies in Manyata tech park were attacked by Congress goons for raising pro-Modi slogans
The phrase 'chowkidar chor hai' is often used by Congress President Rahul Gandhi to launch attacks at PM Modi.
Amit Singh, the Jabalpur district police superintendent confirmed that Harish Patel had served the Indian Army for 24 years before his retirement and was presently working as a security guard at the JMC, where the incident happened.
The National Students' Union of India (NSUI) is the student wing of the Indian National Congress.
He asked his party workers to harass people who deceived the party so that a message is sent as to "what happens with them who cheat us".
Gujarat Home Minister confirmed that more than 450 arrests of people responsible for the attacks have been made.
The violence started as revenge for the rape of a minor girl allegedly by a Bihari man
This incident comes after the NSUI's humiliating loss against the ABVP in the recent DUSU elections.
The girl was reportedly ill and was being rushed to hospital by her parents
Public transport and services disrupted in several cities, MNS workers creating a massive ruckus in Pune and Mumbai.
The Congress leader had slapped and threatened the BJP leader.
The Patidar agitation led by him brought the state to a standstill in 2015.
It is a desperate attempt of hired goons to make a non-issue an issue to malign Modi government

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