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UP: Dalit Hindu woman lured into marriage by Daud Ibrahim posing as Rahul Gupta, pregnancy terminated thrice and threatened with conversion to Islam

The family of the accused threatened to feed the victim beef. The victim alleged that her pregnancy was terminated thrice

Maharashtra: Maulana Shoaib Noori who converted a 20-year-old Hindu girl, forced her to marry rapist Sayam Qureshi, arrested from Indore

The Police earlier had arrested Sayam, Imran Sheikh, Chotu alias Kaleem, and Faiyyaz and were on a lookout for the Maulana. However, the Maulana was identified and arrested by the Police on July 16.

Ahmednagar: Hindu girl kidnapped, threatened, raped, forcefully converted to Islam, Sayam, Imran, Kaleem, Faiyaaz arrested

The accused Sayam is said to have threatened the family of the girl saying, "Muslims are converting people all over the world. Nothing wrong can happen to us. We have strong connections. Do not open your mouths. Otherwise we will sell your daughters and kill your son."

‘I have been raping your daughter since she was 17, do what you can’: Cricket coach Mehboob Bukhari sexually exploits a Hindu girl in...

Instead of teaching cricket in his coaching academy, Mehboob Bukhari trapped the minor Hindu girl in sexually exploitative relationship and brainwashed her. Mehboob had also changed her name to Nazneen, as per the complaint.

As Goa CM announces the inclusion of Goa Revolution Day in class 11 syllabus, read about the Goa Inquisition and the Portuguese brutality against...

The Portuguese inquisition of Goa started when Vasco Da Gama returned to Portugal after he discovered the route to India via Africa’s Cape of Good Hope.

Hindu and Jain boys brainwashed to accept Islam through video game Fortnite: The modus operandi and the lessons that parents need to learn

You may have read about the recent case from Ghaziabad (Hindu, Jain boys lured to convert to Islam through game Fortnite ( where Jain and Hindu underage boys were groomed to accept Islam. 

Maharashtra: After converting Rajesh Jani to Mohammed Riyaz, Islamists target his family in Vasai, keep a ‘watch’ over their house, daughter says

Rajesh Jani's daughter said, "The Muslims calling us have said that they have converted 400 Hindus to Islam so far."

Ghaziabad: Muslim man lures Hindu, Jain boys to convert to Islam in online game ‘Fortnite’ after making fake Hindu IDs, one Maulvi arrested too....

One Muslim man and one Imam of a mosque have been arrested for converting 3 Hindu boys and 1 Jain boy through Fortnite game

‘Hinduism is inferior. It will never develop’: Christian missionary arrested for attempting forceful conversions of villagers near Indore

A 23-year-old Christian missionary Rahul Bargunda was arrested near Indore for forcibly converting villagers.

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