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Pakistan: 17-year-old Hindu girl in Sindh kidnapped and converted to Islam; police claim she converted of her own will

A minor Hindu girl in Pakistan's Sindh was abducted and converted to Islam. But the police claims she converted of her own will.

Rampant conversions by Missionaries underway in Hindu-majority Nepal, Christian population shot up by 68% in the last decade: Report

Christian Missionaries, particularly from South Korea, have set their eyes on expanding their evangelist activities in Nepal.

The Granada massacre of 1066: When a Muslim mob crucified a Rabbi and murdered almost the entire Jewish population in a city

The Muslim rule in Granada continued till 1492, when, after months of siege by a Catholic army under Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain, the Muslim ruler of Granada finally gave up and surrendered the castle. January 2, 1492, marked the finale of the Catholic Reconquista against the Islamic rule in parts of Spain.

Rajasthan: Hindu holy scriptures burnt at mass conversion to Buddhism ceremony in Barmer, three including one Ajmal arrested

Every year, on 25th December, 'Manusmriti Dahan Divas' takes places in parts of country as Dr BR Ambedkar did so in 1927.

Ghar Wapsi in Bulandshahr: Over 100 revert to Hinduism in UP

Over 100 from 20 Valmiki families returned to Hinduism in an elaborate 'Ghar Wapsi' programmed organised in Khurja.

Andhra Pradesh: Church accused of converting minors to Christianity using intoxicants, locals allege police of inaction

A church in Andhra Pradesh is accused of attempting the conversion of minor children into Christianity by intoxicating them.

Returning to Hindu Rashtra is ultimate solution for Nepal if it wishes to defeat evil designs of Christian conversion mafia: Here is why

Miracle in the typical Christian missionaries’ style is happening in the erstwhile Hindu Kingdom of Nepal.

Maharashtra: Sana lures Dipak Sonawane, her family circumcizes Dipak, extorts Rs. 11 lakh, torture him for more than two years, AIMIM leader named too

Dipak Sonawane is a student of mechanical engineering in the Marathwada Institute of Technology in Sambhajinagar.

RSS-affiliate magazine accuses Amazon of funding a conversion module that converted ‘25,000 to Christianity’ in NE India, e-commerce giant denies

RSS magazine has accused Amazon of funding an organisation involved in Christian evangelical work in north east India.

Here is how Pentecostal Pastors are leading Christian conversion menace in Punjab: From police officer pastors to ambitions of ‘largest Church in Asia

The reality of conversions to Christianity in Punjab is widely known, but it has received little attention

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