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New York Times ‘COVID reporter’ wants the world to stop talking about the ‘lab leak theory’ because of its ‘racist roots’, retracts

New York Times 'COVID-19 reporter' took to Twitter to say that the world should not talk about the 'lab leak theory' as far as COVID is concerned because it has racist roots.

‘No such variant exists’: Modi Government asks social media firms to remove reference to ‘Indian variant’ of COVID-19

On Friday, the Indian government asked all social media companies to take down any content that refers to an "Indian variant" of COVID-19

Did the media highlight that Gaza violence began after Palestinians refused to follow COVID rules?

Israel can’t interfere with freedom of religion just like that. At least, they could allow people to have small gatherings, of say 20 people or 50 people, or something like that.

Congress MP Abhishek Manu Singhvi defends Navneet Kalra in HC, ASG says concentrators black-marketed by him had only 32% output

Navneet Kalra filed an appeal in the Delhi High Court with Congress MP Abhishek Manu Singhvi appearing on his behalf.

Creating vaccine hesitancy, fear, unused ventilators in Congress-ruled states and more: Read JP Nadda’s scathing letter to Sonia Gandhi

"In a nation that has almost no recent history of vaccine hesitancy, your party has the dubious record of trying to actively create it, that too, in the middle of a once-in-a-century pandemic," JP Nadda's letter to Sonia read.

Activist who raised questions about Hemkunt Foundation’s funding and donations faces abuses, death threats

Yuvraj Pokharna, one of the activists who raised questions against Hemkunt Foundation's fundraiser is getting abuses and threats on social media and phone.

‘Nothing is further from the truth than the claim that Centre dropped the ball on Covid preparedness’: Union Minister Prakash Javadekar

Union Minister Prakash Javadekar in an exclusive write-up at the Indian Express said the allegation is ‘far from the truth.’

As preparations for Eid-ul-Fitr begin, huge crowd seen in Hyderabad’s Charminar area

It is not just social distancing that has gone for a complete toss, many can be seen roaming without masks in the video dated May 05, 2021. The video has now gone viral on social media.

India’s N440K variant found in Andhra Pradesh said to be 15 times more lethal than the double mutant

The new N440K strain was found in almost 20 to 30 percent of the samples in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Telangana and found to be more dominant than previous variants during cell culture.

China’s U-turn: A day after suspending cargo flights to India, Chinese airlines to ‘discuss’ new plan to resume services

Just a day prior, Sichuan Airlines had announced that it would suspend all cargo flights to India.

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