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Delhi: Love triangle gone wrong, Arman Khan stabs Mahir to death after argument over dating the same woman they met on Instagram

The police have arrested Arman and two of his friends Faisal (21) and Mohammed Sameer (19) based on the statement given by the woman and other evidence.

Prayagraj: Atiq Ahmed’s aide & Umesh Pal murder accused Nafees Biryani dies after massive heart attack

According to the police, Nafees earned Rs 2 crore in a month and a big chunk of this amount was sent to Atiq's wife Shaista Parveen.

Bihar: Land businessman Satyendra Singh shot dead in Patna during morning walk

The criminals fired several bullets at Satyendra Singh. The shooters chased him for almost 100 meters.

New York retailers lost $4.4 billion in 2022 to organised retail theft, a staggering 64 per cent rise since before the pandemic: Report

A whopping 93 per cent of grocers in NYC have reportedly been victims of shoplifting this year. Of these, 60 per cent said they have been burglarised every single day of a week this year.

Bihar: Family returning from Chhath Puja shot at by a man over ‘love affair’, at least two dead, four injured

Reportedly, the incident took place over a 'love affair', with the accused wanting to marry a girl from the victim family who were against it.

Punjab: Gym owner who came back from Qatar shot dead in his home, wife arrested for planning murder with boyfriend

Reports have stated that the deceased person's wife had an affair with the main accused named Mahavir Singh. The wife has been arrested.

Kanpur: Man’s private parts bitten by his girlfriend’s friend for refusing her sexual advances

A married man had his private parts bitten after he refused sexual advances of his girlfriend's friend.

Mumbai: Shafiq Shaikh murders ‘brother-in-law’ Ishwar, chops his dead body into 5 pieces and hides it in the kitchen

The police said that Shafiq killed him at his flat in Mumbai's Chembur area, chopped his body into several pieces, and hid them in the kitchen.

Jaipur: Judge files police complaint after son’s ₹10,000 Reebok shoes stolen from temple, police sift through CCTV footage

A judge in Jaipur has filed a complaint after his son's Reebok shoes worth Rs 10,000 were stolen from outside the Brajnidhi Temple

Ghaziabad police arrest Rahis Ahmadan for thrashing Rajat Kumar for driving his hijab-clad Muslim friend to work, had asked for his ID before attacking...

The Ghaziabad police have arrested one Rahis Ahmadan for attacking a 20-year-old Hindu man who was riding a bike with his Muslim colleague.

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