Monday, March 1, 2021


Data breach

Facebook slapped with USD 11 million fine for illegally giving access of user data to third parties

Facebook had been facing allegations of giving third parties access to the personal data of its users without their consent.

Digital security company apologises for false report on ‘Aadhar data breach’

Gemalto had published a report this month claiming 1.2 billion records in Aadhar database have been compromised.

The Wire’s lack of editorial standards is just as apparent as their latest lie

It is apparent that The Wire's editorial standards are near absent.

Cambridge Analytica, which was to help Congress in upcoming 2019 elections, shuts shop

The grand old party of India, Congress, was also reportedly one of its clients.

Full text : Interview with Jamie Bartlett, the man who exposed Congress’ links to Cambridge Analytica

An interview, which if read in the Indian context, may as well give you sleepless nights

After INC app, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s app vanishes from Play Store?

Earlier, a Twitter user alleged that the app was sending personal data to a private company.

Has Cambridge Analytica already breached your privacy for Congress?

The Congress party and Rahul Gandhi must answer

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