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South Korea: Over 150 dead in stampede during Halloween in Seoul, viral videos show bystanders providing CPR on roads

The Halloween festival was the first major public gathering in recent months where Covid-19 restrictions were eased by the South Korean government.

Did over 700 farmers die during anti-farm bill protests at Delhi borders? A detailed analysis of the data reveals the truth

Deaths of farmers during the protests include death at home, death by hit and run, death by drowning and by unknown illness

Pakistan: 21 people including 9 kids freeze to death in cars stranded in snow after thousands flock to Murree hill station to watch snowfall

At least 21 people have died in Pakistan's Murree after their vehicles were trapped due to heavy snowfall overnight

Some recent deaths of political opponents that have been celebrated by the Islamists and so-called secular ‘liberals’

Islamists and so-called secular 'liberals' often get into a celebratory mood as soon as they hear the news of the death of their ideological opponent

Maharashtra: Here is how 6 major hospital tragedies in 2021 left over 75 dead

About 75 people had died due to fire accidents and other mishaps at 6 hospitals in Maharashtra between January and November this year.

The number of suicides surged by 10% in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic: NCRB report

The number of suicides in 2020 in the country increased by 10% compared to 2019, as it went up from 1,39,123 in that year to 1,53,052

Himachal Pradesh: Two dead and around 40 people feared buried due to landslides in Kinnaur, ITBP launches rescue operation

40 people were trapped in landslide in KInnaur in a bus when they were travelling to Shimla, ITBP has rescued 10 people so far

The Wire uses a ‘US expert’ to blame Modi for the second Covid-19 wave, who in February said the worst of disease has passed

The Wire tries to push an imaginary number of higher deaths in the country during the second wave of the pandemic in the country

Covid-19: United States sees highest-ever deaths in a single year and highest fall in life expectancy since World War II

United States witnessed3.3 million deaths in 2020 during the Covid pandemic, highest in American history since the end of World War II

The claims that actual COVID-19 deaths in India are 10 times the reported numbers defy logic, circulated to spread panic

Claim that Covid-19 death toll is twice the govt figure is understandable but the 10 times claim fails to pass basic smell test

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