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Twitter user fakes ‘car for dowry for sister’s wedding’ story over ‘delayed delivery’

A Twitter user alleged his would-be brother-in-law has threatened to call off the wedding as a Tata Nexon car has not been delivered yet

Uttar Pradesh: Abid gives triple talaq to his wife Asma over dowry, stabs her when she protests

Abid stabbed his wife when she protested the triple talaq imposed on her after her parents could not meet her in-laws' rising dowry demand.

Ahmedabad: Man gives triple talaq to his wife because she offered milk to their 5-year-old daughter before him, use to assault her for dowry

A woman in Ahmedabad filed a police complaint accusing her husband of giving her triple talaq because she gave milk to her children first before offering it to him

Agra: Bail plea of Qayoom Qureshi and Naeem Qureshi charged with murder of a Hindu woman rejected; FIR says accused used to call her...

The victim's brother claimed family members of Faim used to call his sister “Kafir ki Aulaad” and demean Hindu religion.

Bhopal: Man gives triple talaq to his wife after she filed dowry and molestation case against him and his family

Woman in Bhopal given triple talaq by husband after she filed dowry harassment and molestation case against his family

Madhya Pradesh: Aas Mohammad Khan gives triple talaq to wife over phone, woman says she was harassed for dowry

Madhya Pradesh police informed that Aas Mohammad Khan gave triple talaq to his wife after her family could not fulfil their dowry demands

How to prove a crime when murder weapon is a snake? Here is how SIT nailed Kerala man who killed his wife with a...

Suraj had married Uthra for the greed of money and his family was allegedly harassing her for more dowry.

Maharashtra: Man booked for demanding 21-nailed tortoise and black Labrador as dowry

The accused had also allegedly asked his future in-laws to arrange for a black Labrador dog, a Buddha statue, and a samai oil lamp.

Kerala witnesses dramatic spike in dowry payments; Sikhs, Christians top the list

Study shows that dowry payment is more prevalent among Sikhs and Christians, even Muslims are ahead of Hindus in this practice

Madhya Pradesh: Three years after eloping with a man named Waseem against her family’s wishes, Jain girl commits suicide

A First Information Report (FIR) was registered against Waseem and his family under Indian Pena Code (IPC) Sections 304B (dowry death) and 498A (dowry harassment).

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