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Madhya Pradesh: Salman Khan, Altaf Khan and 2 others insult tribal driver by garlanding him with shoes, Dalit Times blames nationalists

The victim tribal youth driver hails from the Bramhodi area which comes under the Barghat police station area.

How good samaritans, who don’t watch cricket and had no idea who Rishabh Pant was, rescued him from a burning car

The duo was later felicitated with a memento and an appreciation certificate for saving the life of Rishabh Pant.

Bengaluru: 22-year-old woman raped by ‘Rapido’ driver Shahabuddin and his friend Akhtar

Shahabuddin, the Rapido driver, took the victim to his house, where he raped her along with his friend Akhtar.

‘Honeytrapped’ driver working in India’s External Affairs Ministry arrested for passing confidential information to Pakistan

Earlier in June, a contractual DRDL employee was arrested for passing confidential defence information to an alleged ISI operative.

Facebook removes page promoting the Freedom Convoy opposing vaccine rules in the USA over ‘violation of policies’

The page 'Convoy to DC' was removed by Facebook over allegations that it violated policies over QAnon.

Sikh cab driver assaulted, turban ripped off by unidentified person in NY, State Dept condemns after India raised issue with US authorities

Sikh man assaulted earlier this week at New York's JFK International Airport, US condemned after India took issue up

Watch: Bus drivers sent by Priyanka Gandhi to ferry stranded migrants to UP protest against stale food, raise anti-Congress slogans

These drivers have been deployed by the Rajasthan Congress government to ferry stranded labourers in the state, as promised by Priyanka Gandhi, who has claimed of sending 1,000 buses to ease the migrant crisis.

In their bid to fear-monger about CAA-NRC, ‘liberals’ are exposing how Muslim cab drivers are flouting safety rules

If social media activists are to be believed, the 'cab drivers' are now changing their names on cab aggregator apps to 'hide' their Muslim identity.

Actress Swastika Dutta pulled out of the car and threatened by Uber driver Jamshed

In Kolkata, West Bengal, a Bengali serial actress, Swastika Dutta was pulled out of her Uber taxi and threatened by the driver, Jamshed. The actress took to Facebook to pen down her ordeal.

Coal Scam : Dr Manmohan Singh’s driver is completely innocent

So the Secretary says he cannot be held responsible for things that happen in the ministry? Ridiculous! Who should we hold responsible for what happens in the Ministry? The Minister?

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