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Painkillers, not drunk: Journalist Deepak Chaurasia clarifies over viral video where he fumbled on air

In a video that had gone viral last week, Chaurasia was fumbling live on air while hosting a show on the tragic helicopter crash in which CDS Gen Bipin Rawat, his wife and other personnel of armed forces lost their lives

Gujarat: Drunk ‘Rahul Gandhi’ arrested in Surat after he created ruckus

Alcohol sale and consumption is prohibited in Gujarat and it a punishable offence.

Watch: Drunk girl sits, sleeps, rolls on the road in Pune, video viral

The young woman, visibly drunk, was seen rolling on the road near Hirabaug at around 11 pm on Tuesday.

West Bengal: Drunk man jumps into lion’s cage in Kolkata’s Alipore Zoo, scared animal still in panic mode

The incident happened on March 19 when a man in and inebriated state, jumped into the lion's enclosure in Kolkata's Alipore Zoo

Drunk driver smashes his SUV into MiG-29 jet of Ukrainian Air Force, fighter plane completely damaged

A drunken Ukrainian Air Force officer crashed his Volkswagen Touran SUV with the MiG-29 fighter jet, badly damaging both the vehicles

Angry drunk man in Karnataka bites snake into pieces after it crossed his path. Watch video

Karnataka man, angry at snake for crossing his path, bites it into pieces.

In dry Bihar, Lok Sabha candidate arrested after he turns up drunk to file nomination

Alcohol prohibition was put in place in Bihar by the Nitish Kumar government in April 2016

Kerala: CPM leader arrested for allegedly assaulting a pregnant woman

The woman's car brushed against his, which flared his temper!

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