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European Parliament

Angry over European Parliament election results, Leftists protest against Right-wing party in France, run riots, and raise pro-Palestine slogans

The left-wing protesting against the rise of right-wing in France indicates that as is the common trait in leftists across the world, it is a democracy only when the Left wins and it dies when their opponents emerge victorious.

European Parliament elections: Right wing parties gain ground across Europe, French president Macron dissolves parliament after results

The European Parliament elections also came as a shocker for left-liberal parties in Belgium and Germany as well. Meanwhile, Italy’s Georgia Meloni has emerged as the “kingmaker”.

India’s per capita emissions ‘very low’, clubbing with emitters like China and the US unacceptable: European Parliament member

A senior official of the European Parliament expressed dissatisfaction with concerted attempts against New Delhi over pollution and wrongly clubbing India with major emitters

‘How can you remain silent over atrocities by men shouting Allahu Akbar?’ European Parliament member slams ‘feminists’ for silence over Hamas attack

Assita Kanko asserted that the "hypocritical feminists" should be ashamed for their silence on the Hamas atrocities against the Jewish women.

Bangladesh govt furious on European Parliament’s resolution on political group Odhikar, calls it interference in judicial process of a sovereign nation

"The timing and language of the joint motion, tabled by some political groups in the European Parliament, for making judgemental comments over sub-judice matters and a court verdict on two ‘Odhikar’ officials delivered today in Dhaka is reflective of their intention of interfering into the independent judiciary of a sovereign state, the statement said." 

“This is distorting our market”: EU launches anti-subsidy probe into China-made electric vehicles amid charges of unfair trade practices

The European Union has launched an anti-subsidy inquiry into the Electric Vehicles (EVs) coming from China

Rahul Gandhi meets anti-India politician Fabio Massimo Castaldo at Brussels, read his connection with Pervaiz Iqbal Losar, an ISI asset in Europe

Rahul Gandhi met with the members of the European Parliament (MEPs) in Brussels, Belgium. During this meet, he interacted with multiple anti-India elements.

Brussels: Rahul Gandhi meets EU parliamentarians who were behind anti-India resolution, again seeks out political lobbies that want to interfere in India’s affairs

In Brussels, Rahul Gandhi met with EU Parliamentarians Alviina Alametsa and Pierre Larrouturou, among others. Congress shared images from the meetings where Rahul Gandhi and Sam Pitroda were seen with MEPs.

‘Focus on your own internal issues, no need to interfere in India’s affairs’: India reacts over EU Parliament adopting a so-called Urgency Resolution on...

MEA statement said "Such interference in India's internal affairs is unacceptable and reflects a colonial mindset."

European Parliament hit with a bribery scandal, members accused of lobbying for Qatar. Here is all you need to know

Qatar is now accused of using its riches to influence diplomatic ties, expedite energy deals and create a 'good reputation'.

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