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‘How can you remain silent over atrocities by men shouting Allahu Akbar?’ European Parliament member slams ‘feminists’ for silence over Hamas attack

"Today, I have a question. A pressing question. For some Western feminists. How can you remain silent, when women and girls are raped, tortured, their bodies carried around naked and spat on by bearded men shouting Allah Akbar? Then you can never call yourself a feminist again," Member of European Parliament Assita Kanko asked.

On Wednesday, November 22, Member of European Parliament (MEP) Assita Kanko lambasted Western ‘feminists’ over their deafening silence on the atrocities inflicted on Israeli women by Palestinian Islamic terrorist group Hamas on October 7.

During the plenary session of the European Parliament on Wednesday, Assita Kanko said, “Today, I have a question. A pressing question. For some Western feminists. How can you remain silent, when women and girls are raped, tortured, their bodies carried around naked and spat on by bearded men shouting Allah Akbar? Then you can never call yourself a feminist again.”

The MEP asserted that the “hypocritical feminists” who remained silent on the atrocities the Jewish women were subjected to by Hamas terrorists should be ashamed.

“Every day, including today, some Western hypocritical feminists should be ashamed of their silence on the horror that Hamas men inflicted to women and girls on 7 October. And that includes big names we were once proud of. Why are their lips sealed and their hearts of stone when it comes to the excruciating pain of Jewish women?,” Kanko continued.

She further underscored that the Me-Too Movement and intersectional feminists do not care for and raise their voice for all women adding that their silence signifies that they have been lying about their commitment to women’s rights. Kanko added that the actions of such ‘feminists’ back the oppressor, in this case, Hamas, and not the victims. the Israeli women.

“The MeToo movement and so-called intersectional feminists do not care about all women. If they remain silent, it means they have lied to us about their commitment to women’s rights. Their actions support the oppressor, not the victims. Also, the EU money does. Indirectly,” Kanko said.

Furthermore, the Vice Chair of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group, stressed that the hypocritical feminists should not be standing in the European Parliament and ranting about selective human rights. She added that a ceasefire in its true sense would be when all the hostages are brought back home. Kanko asserted that when Hamas rapists will be brought to justice a true ceasefire will prevail.

“When you are under attack by terrorists, a cease-fire is like raising your hands when you are being shot at. Perhaps it is worth considering that a real lasting cease-fire will start with bringing back all the hostages to their homes and the rapists to justice,” Kanko said.

Right before Kanko addressed the plenary session of the European Parliament, MEP member for Ireland South, Grace O’Sullivan suggested some ‘measures’ to ensure ‘everlasting peace’ in Gaza, the West Bank and Israel. Sullivan claiming that the Israel-Hamas war has taken 5000 children from their mothers and that Gaza is in ruins accused the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his ‘far-right’ government of violating international laws. She asserted that the European Parliament has failed to call for a ceasefire. “You have failed to react to the breaches of international laws. Gaza is in ruins while the settlements in the West Bank continue to expand. Netanyahu and his far-right government are emboldened by your silence.”

After insinuating that it is Israel and its ‘far-right government’ alone that is responsible for the deplorable situation prevailing in Gaza and making no mention of Hamas terror, Sullivan said, “Here’s what you can do. Demand a permanent ceasefire now. End trade with settlements now. Recognise the Palestinian state now. The EU must be courageous, not complicit.”

Ironically, Palestine sympathising MEP’s courage vanished when Hamas slaughtered Israeli civilians and raped women.

Hamas atrocities on Israeli women and the feminist hypocrisy

It is pertinent to recall that Hamas terrorists launched coordinated attacks across the border, killing about 1,200 Israelis and injuring more in villages and farmland close to Gaza on 7 October which triggered the ongoing conflict. Furthermore, they kidnapped over 240 hostages.

The extent of hatred the Hamas terrorists have for non-Muslims particularly Jews can be measured by the horrific humiliation a 22-year-old German-Israeli citizen Shani Louk was subjected to. She was abducted to the Gaza Strip and paraded naked with Hamas terrorists shouting “Allahu Akbar” during Hamas’s 7th October terror attack, and was found dead in Gaza. In another such incident, a Hamas terrorist pulled 19-year-old Israeli soldier Na’ama Levy from the back of a jeep, her hands bound behind her back and copious blood spots between her legs, as Palestinian men mocked her. The videos of such horror unleashed upon Israeli women shook the conscience of the people across the world not blinded by hate for Jews, but the ‘feminists’ remained silent, they selectively began speaking up after Israel retaliated.

On Monday (November 20), Israel released security camera footage from October 7 which showed how an Israeli woman was executed at point-blank range by a Hamas terrorist in Kibbutz Alumim who crossed into Israel and chased people from an outdoor music festival.

According to a document released by Israel, the Hamas terrorists had systematically planned to rape the Israeli women. The document contained an Arabic-Hebrew glossary with sexual terminology including “take your pants off”.

The extent of the crimes committed by Hamas against Israeli women can be understood from the necessity to form a Civil Commission on October 7th Crimes by Hamas Women to document the cases of using sexual violence as a weapon against Israel. As reported earlier, the Israeli authorities gathered over 60,000 video clips and over 1,000 statements about the assault including accounts from witnesses who claimed to have witnessed women raped

Not only the European Parliament but also UN Women, the United Nations body for gender equality and women’s empowerment, have refused to recognise, let alone condemn, the Oct. 7 assault and rape of Israeli women. Nonetheless, the UN Women website highlights its efforts to gather funds “to protect and support women and their families in the Gaza crisis.” On their homepage, there is no mention of Israeli women, however, “the conflict in Gaza” and “voice from Gaza” show up, and there is also no reference to Hamas’s crimes.

As stated by MEP Assita Kanko during a recent interview with Sky News, “Hamas is not only a threat to Israel, it’s also a threat to women. It’s a threat to all Jews worldwide because it’s based on radical Islam.”

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