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fire crackers

‘Bursting crackers inside theatre is dangerous, pouring milk on posters is wrong, feed the poor’: Salman Khan

Salman cited an incident in which fans poured milk on his poster, drawing attention to the disparity when children are hungry. Instead, he said that the milk can be fed to poor children who actually need it.

“Noise pollution is killing our sleeps”: Actress Rubina Dilaik urges people to stop bursting firecrackers, netizens react

Rubina Dilaik 'reminded' people that the festivities of Diwali are over while lamenting over firecrackers being burst since 10th November

No crackers shall be burst in religious places at odd time: Kerala High Court orders raid on all religious places to seize ‘illegal’ firecrackers

"Even if the licences are issued, they should not be issued, for bursting causes noise and air pollution also. Crackers are busted at odd hours disturbing peace," the court noted.

SC sides with Delhi govt, rejects plea seeking permission for production and sale of green firecrackers ahead of Diwali

Supreme Court supports Delhi govt's ban on manufacture, sale and use of greem firecrackers ahead of Diwali

AAP workers burst firecrackers to celebrate victory in MCD polls, forget about cracker ban imposed by Kejriwal from Diwali to New Year

On September 7 this year, Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal announced the re-imposition of a ban on manufacturing, selling, storing, and bursting firecrackers till January 1, including Diwali and other festivals.

‘Environment Canada’ singles out Diwali fireworks for poor air quality, retracts statement later

The contentious observation by Environment Canada and Ontario's Ministry of the Environment had raised fear of backlash among the local Hindus.

‘Customs and rituals of a particular community systematically targeted’: BJP MP Manoj Tiwari moves Supreme Court against ban on firecrackers

In the PIL, Manor Tiwari said that states are violating Supreme Court order against blanket ban on firecrackers

Wrote to all CMs in September, licences for firecracker shops were assured before banning crackers, paving way for losses: manufacturers to NGT

The association told NGT that many govts had responded that it will do the needful and started the process of issuing licenses.

UP: Explosion in illegal firecracker factory in Kushinagar, house owner Javed and 3 others dead

Javed, his wife, daughter, and his mother died in the explosion that happened in the illegal firecrackers factory being run in the house.

Kerala: After firecracker explosion in mouth kills a pregnant elephant, reports emerge where another elephant had died due to mouth injury in April

In April this year, a female elephant in Kollam, Kerala, had also died in similar fashion. Authorities suspect she also bit on food filled with crackers.

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