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Leftist NGO ‘Media Matters’, which has been hounding X and Elon Musk, has a George Soros connection

'Media Matters' promised to use the donation of $1 million from George Soros to continue its smear campaign against Fox News.

Fox News paying Tucker Carlson $20 million to not start rival channel but he wants to get out of the contract, friend says, ‘he...

Axios reported that Tucker Carlson wants to get out of the contract to be able to start his own media empire.

American television host and political commentator Tucker Carlson quits Fox News in a surprise exit

Tucker Carlson rose to prominence in the American media landscape with his acerbic commentary on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' show on Fox News.

US: Fox News settles defamation lawsuit for $787 million after accusing voting machine company of ‘stealing’ the 2020 Presidential election

The trial in Delaware against Fox News was meant to decide whether it committed 'actual malice' while accusing Dominion of rigging the election.

YouTube deletes podcast episode featuring Donald Trump, social media giants continue to censor ex-US President

Youtube deleted a video featuring Donald Trump on NELK Boys podcast after Trump mentioned voter fraud in 2020 US Presidential elections

‘Stupid son of a b**ch’: US President Joe Biden snaps at Fox News reporter when asked about inflation

The Fox News team later joked about how Doocy might be known as the new 'stupid SOB' following the remarks of Joe Biden

‘The man should be fired on the spot’: Dr Fauci responds on Fox News host’s “kill shot” comments

Fox News host Jesse Watters had exhorted people to "ambush" Fauci in the streets and to record a rhetorical "kill shot"

Tucker Carlson slams ADL for being concerned about Israel’s demography but demonizing him for concerns about USA’s

Tucker Carlson highlighted how ADL had objected to the influx of Palestinian refugees in Jewish-dominated Israel in 2010.

Watch: Tucker Carlson asks CNN President Jeff Zucker to transition into a woman to fight toxic masculinity

"We agree, CNN is dominated by lots of dumb men," read the Fox News tucker during the Tucker Carlson Tonight show.

Facebook removes Donald Trump’s interview with his daughter in law Lara Trump

Earlier this month, Trump had hinted that he will launch his own social media platform after being deplatformed from all social media apps.

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