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Jamtara, Jharkhand: State-run schools pressurised to remain shut on Friday as 70% children are Muslims, over 100 schools adopt change. Read details

Govt-run schools in Jamtara, Jharkhand have started observing Friday (Jumma) as a weekly holiday in schools instead of Sundays  

‘Don’t spoil your own future’: Mosques and Muslim leaders appeal the Muslim community to not indulge in violence after Friday prayers

On the last two Fridays, there have been many violent protests by the Islamists in cities like Kanpur, Prayagraj, Ranchi and Howrah.

UP govt increases security around mosques to prevent violence after Friday prayers, to use drones, conduct flag march and drills

The Yogi Adityanath government has beefed up security in various areas in Uttar Pradesh ahead of Friday Namaz on June 17

MHA alerts state police chiefs, asks to remain attentive following violent protests by Islamists after Friday prayers, says police may be targeted

According to a top Ministry of Home Affairs source, state and UT police have been instructed to be cautious during the protests.

WB: Protests against Nupur Sharma continues for second day in Howrah as mob burn down vehicles and police booths, large protests in Kolkata too

Massive protests by Muslims against Nupur Sharma broke out in Park Circus in Kolkata and on a highway in Howrah

‘Perform wuzu before coming for prayer, go to other mosques’: Masjid committee asks Muslims coming to Gyanvapi disputed structure

The Masjid Committee has asked Muslims to refrain from visiting Gyanvapi amidst the ongoing dispute.

Over 1200 people turn up for Namaz at Gyanvapi, enter through the gate of Kashi Vishwanath Temple, police on alert

Now that Shivling has been reportedly discovered inside Gyanvapi Mosque, a large number of people came to offer Namaz on Friday.

‘Kids may throw stones while playing’: Jama Masjid committee in Jahangirpuri asks Muslims not to bring children to Friday Namaz

The Hindu residents fear that the mobs might unleash violence on Hindus yet again, and kids are being deliberately kept away from the mosque to keep them away from harm.

Lakshadweep administration cancels Friday ‘jumma’ holiday in schools, local politicians object

PP Abbas that a majority of the people on the island were Muslims and that Friday Namaz is an 'unavoidable religious practice' and Friday should be holiday for schools.

France: When politicians and Mayor of a suburb sang the national anthem to protest against street Namaz

Residents in Gurugram have also been protesting against the practice of blocking public spaces and roads for the Friday namaz.

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