Saturday, September 25, 2021



Taliban holds mock funeral with coffins wrapped in US and NATO flags amid Allahu Akbar chants

Taliban celebrated the exit of U.S Military forces from the Afghanistan soil with coffins draped in US and NATO flags.

Deepika Padukone auctions clothes she wore for funerals, her ‘fans’ get into firefighting mode

Deepika Padukone courted controversy on social media after she was found auctioning clothes she wore to funeral ceremonies.

After the Taliban killed Indian photojournalist Danish Siddiqui, pictures of his family being sold on Getty for Rs 23,000 each

Incidentally, Getty Images had hosted pictures of funeral pyres of Covid victims in India at the same price as that of the relatives of Danish Siddiqui

BBC apologises for its coverage of footballer Eriksen’s collapse, it is time they apologise for their grotesque reportage on India’s Covid outbreak too

The western media outlets, including BBC, ought to apologise India for perpetrating racism with their egregious coverage of country's COVID-19 pandemic and linking it with morbid images of burning funeral pyres.

Christian convert son refuses to cremate Hindu mother, granddaughter travels 1100 km to perform the last rites

David alias Dharam Pratap Singh refused to perform last rites of his mother as per Hindu customs as he has converted to Christianity

Congress toolkit: The uncanny resemblances between the actions of Congress supporters and instructions in the AICC document are hard to miss

Several comments and actions by Congress leaders and supporters show that they were following the toolkit prepared by AICC

Top sellers of India’s misery: Hindustan Times, AFP, Bloomberg and Nur Photo emerge biggest contributors of crematorium photos on Getty Images

Several media houses, agencies and photographers selling photos of funeral pyres from India at Rs 23,000 per photo on Getty Images

Tragedy porn amid COVID-19 crisis: Photographs of funeral pyres from India selling for Rs. 23,000 each on stock image sites

Stock image site Getty Images is hosting dozens of photographs depicting Indian funeral pyres, selling them for up to Rs. 23,000

Congress MP and AIUDF MLA booked for violating social distancing norms during the funeral of Islamic preacher Khairul Islam Mufti

Thousands of people had gathered for the funeral of Aminul Islam's father Khairul Islam Mufti last week.

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