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All big rating agencies revise India’s growth projection upwards, predict it will be fastest fastest-growing economy among G-20 nations this year

India will be the fastest growing economy among the G-20 nations in 2024, the big rating agencies have projected

G20 New Delhi outcomes have great significance for the international community: Jaishankar at UNGA

Jaishankar said India began its G20 presidency by convening the Voice of the Global South Summit, recognising that growth and development must focus on the most vulnerable.

‘It is still a world of double standards’: External Affairs Minister Jaishankar criticises Global North

S Jaishankar said that the Global North is exercising double standards and resisting change as they occupy positions of influence

Justin Trudeau’s security team created drama during G20, refused to let him stay in the secure Presidential Suite and chose a normal room instead:...

During the G20 summit, the security team of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau created a ruckus over a Presidential Suite

‘Pakistan PM begging for funds while India reached the moon and held G20 meetings’: Former Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif

Interestingly, Sharif has joined ranks with his rival and Former PM Imran Khan who had also drawn comparisons between India and Pakistan. Lauding India’s decision to buy discounted oil from Russia, he praised New Delhi for its economic and diplomatic clout.

Congress chief Mallikarjun Kharge terms G20 as G2, BJP leader Piyush Goyal hits back with ‘One G, Son G’

Piyush Goyal said Congress leaders see only "2G", One G and Son G.

G-20 summit in Delhi: Bharat and bharatiyata stole the spotlight at the gala event

However, it is of great importance to officially emphasise that from now on, our nation will be referred to as Bharat on a global platform.

Even as India was shining after the G20 summit, Shekhar Gupta could not get over old habits – obsession with terror factory Pakistan

While we were all rejoicing at the monumental announcement of the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor during the G20, Shekhar Gupta was obsessing about Pakistan

10 highlights of the Delhi G20 Summit: The Delhi Declaration, Biofuel Alliance, India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor and more

Putting speculations to rest, the G20 summit adopted the New Delhi G20 Leaders’ Summit Declaration with consensus from all sides including Russia and EU.

Justin Trudeau embarrasses Canada at G20: Canadian media, commentators call out their PM, how he was ‘ignored’ and ‘scolded’. Read details

While Prime Minister Modi met all heads of states with the G20 backdrop, the meeting with the Canadian Prime Minister did not have a G20 backdrop.

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