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Gay Pride

Assam, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan oppose legalisation of same-sex marriage, four other states seek more time for ‘extensive study on the complex issue’

7 states have submitted their views on same-sex marriage, in which Assam, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan have opposed it, and others sought more time

I am an 18-year-old progressive woman who supports LGBTQ rights, but I no longer support Pride Month: Here is why

I’m an 18 year old student from a privileged family. I consider myself a progressive woman. But I no longer support Pride Month.

US: Nude adults cycle in the Seattle Pride Parade attended by children and families

A group of nude adults cycled during the Seattle Pride Parade organised on June 26, which saw participation from young children.

Rainbow-coloured toys confiscated in Saudi Arabia: Authorities say they ‘contradict the Islamic faith and promote homosexuality’

Rainbow-coloured ribbons, skirts, hats, and pencil bags were among the stuff that was confiscated by the authorities.

United States: Partially nude transsexual twerks in front of underage children during Pride March

Considered to be one of the largest parades in USA, the event witnessed the presence of both adolescent and pre-pubescent children.

China’s WeChat deletes LGBT+ and other groups at most major universities overnight

Homosexuality is legal in China but was classified as a mental disorder until 2001. However, same sex marriage is not recognised.

‘Snake’, ‘Islamophobe bigot’, ‘cretin’: Islamists troll Shehla Rashid for condemning #WhySoProud against LGBT community

Former JNU student leader Shehla Rashid was trolled by Islamists on Monday after she condemned the 'Why So Proud' hashtag.

Islamists conclude Pride Month with homophobic #WhySoProud tweets claiming homosexuality is ‘Haram’

Some Islamists said that since Muslims are answerable to Allah, they need to understand that homosexuality is Haram in Islam.

Big win for nationalists: In a first, organisers of pride parade disassociate themselves from radical Islamist slogans in rally

This is the first time that the organizers of a pride parade have disassociated themselves and condemned the problematic slogans that are invariably spotted at such events.

Delhi Pride Parade: ‘Kashmir maangey azadi’, ‘Bharat Mata wants girlfriend’ slogans raised at the queer parade

Placards which read 'Bharat Mata wants a girlfriend' were also spotted at the Delhi Queer Pride Parade.

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