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Three persons identified as Irfan, Kaan and Asif were arrested by the police in the Loni's Sakalapur village cow slaughter case, they have reportedly confessed their crimes.
Nafees, one of the accused, has reportedly confessed to the crime of raping the animal several times before dragging her through the streets
The victim has alleged that Shan Mohammad used to beat her up and if she refused to have sexual relationships with his party leaders.
Goats, contrary to their generally peaceful demeanor, have been known to be a reason for communal clashes.
The girl's uncle wanted to lash out on these Islamist trolls on twitter
If Rahul Gandhi is the alternative, it'll be a massive beginning to an indisputable end
There have been numerous messages on the social media that is defending the rape and the rapists.
Thus far, no condemnation has been offered by those who targeted symbols of Hindu faith over the rape in Kathua.

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